Board by the beach

Being stupid in a Vaco

In case anyone else wants to have a play in the water in their Vaco boot. I removed the cloth outer and just used the vacuum insert with some extra foam padding.

Getting ready for the water

10 Responses to “Board by the beach”

  1. Ahh, most excellent photo, Andrew! If Achillesblog every produces a calendar, I am recommending you as the centerfold! Wow! So awesome! You are an inspiration!

  2. Thanks Kelly
    You are too kind! I think this could be my only shot at being a centrefold ;-)

  3. Lol–and you are too modest. You are ATR eye candy! I didn’t have that much fun in my boot–Bledsoe was a snore compared to your Vaco!

  4. You suck Andrew! I told myself that you were just showing off in your last post, and there was no way you did all that stuff at 9 weeks not to mention the fact you were in Greece.

    Do you know what I did last night? I used a blow dryer on my toes and down my cast, because I showered and the inside of my cast got a little wet. So I went to bed “soggy”. Heavy Sigh.

    Here’s to you kicking ass and taking names. Happy Healing.

  5. Andrew- nice job on not letting the boot keep you down.

  6. Ahhhh so jealous!
    Great photos :) good luck w ur recovery

  7. Going on a beach holiday. Great tip, thank you!

  8. WOW!! I’ll second KG’s comment about the calendar and the snooze Bledose.

  9. And if not the calendar, how about Vaco’s?? Did they make you PAY for that boot??

  10. Thanks for all of the nice comments!

    I am now in 2 shoes and I hope my boot days are over. I have decided to keep the boot until I get to my 12 month ATR anniversary.

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