8 week update

I should have been in 2 shoes yesterday but I have had to delay my hospital appointment until next week as I am on holiday in Greece with the family this week.
I was partly dreading a week in a beach club full of windsurfers, sailing dinghies and stand up paddleboards. In reality I am really enjoying it!
I went to a physio before leaving for holiday to get a set of exercises and does and don’ts for my holiday. I have had 3 sessions with a Physio on holiday. I am amazed by my progress especially as a result of hydrotherapy in the pool. I have a 30 minute pool routine and a 30 minute routine on dry land.
As a result I have managed to indulge myself by stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, mountain biking through the Greek countryside and windsurfing all with a stripped down version of my vacoped boot.
I have really found the boot to be incredibly versatile and have had no issues with using it in water. I have 2 plastic cast liners so I put one in a proper liner and keep the other to use in the boot when I go into the sea.
I have also been using the standard sole for my water activities and have now dropped the rocker sole completely even when using the boot normally.
I have been walking carefully without boot a few times a day and have managed to do some normal calf raises under the supervision of my physio which I am really pleased about.
I can also walk relatively normally without a limp but have only been doing this once a day in the confines of my hotel room.
The highlight of the holiday has been a 5 mike mountain bike ride on gentle slopes and half an hour of windsurfing. After both activities I felt that I could carry on for hours but I always have a voice nagging in the back of my head saying ‘gradually Andrew - no heroics’.
Looking forward to hopefully dumping my boot next week but for the meantime I am going to enjoy the sun and the water.
Happy healing everybody!

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  1. Go Andrew! Sound like you are doing amazing things and making the best of a difficult situation. I’ve always wanted to try paddle boarding and am impressed that you have the balance to do it right now! I couldn’t do any thing that required balance in Bledsoe–but now that I think about it, the rocker sole wasn’t removable. Makes me wish I had a Vaco boot more than ever now–but not willing to go through this again to get the chance to try it out. Btw, I hear that same nagging voice and I keep wondering if that is what Norm actually sounds like! Enjoy the rest of your holiday! Keep us posted on your progress!

  2. Thanks Kelly. I was going to say that the voice in my head has a Canadian accent and is probably Saint Norm ;-)
    I am impressed with your progress and your shoe collection. At the moment I am making my way slowly back to my room barefoot and no boot!

  3. Hi Andrew - I’m only a little envious! sounds as though you’re having an amazing time and are probably the star performer for an ‘achilles heal 8 weeker’. I’m another Canadian nagger (not as good or as knowledgeable as Norm though) and heard another great piece of advice another blogger had from her doctor, “Don’t trip over the finish line.” It’s a mantra I keep playing in my head when I’m venturing out without my boot.

    Congrats though on all the activities you’ve been participating in. I had a bit of trouble paddle boarding with two good legs - can’t imagine it with the boot. What a guy!

  4. Thanks for the lols, all, and Good Healing!

  5. It’s also worth mentioning/remembering that 8-week superstar Andrew skipped the surgery. Not every non-op ATR patient is a superstar (even with a fast modern protocol), but by now there are so many examples here and on YouTube that you’d have to have your head under a rock to still believe that surgery is necessary for fast or best recovery. IMHO, of course.

  6. That is awesome Andrew, enjoy your vacation. I think we are at the same timeline as far as recovery time. In 5 days I will be at 8 weeks and I am moving to two shoes (hopefully).

  7. Great update Andrew, good to hear how you’re making the most of your boot while staying sensible. Thanks, Suddsy

  8. Im jealous, I had the surgery. I am at 8 weeks right now and I am in the transitiong phase. I bought a pair of Mizuno running shoes which have a 10mm heel to toe drop. I am to only wear them in the house and let me tell you the foot is tight!

  9. WOW!! Like Daniel I am jealous - I was jealous at the I’m in Greece. Sounds like you are doing amazing things. I am just a little behind you and am trying to muster up the energy to get in the shower!

    Great job and have a blast!

  10. You suck Andrew! I’m under leg incarceration right now in a cast. But seriously, you are a shining example of not living in fear. Now I feel so much better that I’ve ignored the doctor and started walking in my cast.

    So while your paddling, swimming, hiking, and biking, I’ve gone rogue and walked to the bathroom without crutches. Before you congratulate me, I haven’t showered today because I find my shower chair “risky”.

    I bow at the feet of your greatness Andrew, keep posting!!!!

  11. Thanks for all the encouragement guys! Let’s hope there are no negative side effects of me enjoying my vacation.
    The hotel I am staying at is very small but there are actually 2 of us with an atr! The other guy is only 3 weeks in and NWB so his holiday is very different to mine.

  12. SJG - You crack me up!! Who needs showers really?

  13. I know right!

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