Heel raises gone!

Coming up for 11 weeks now and I am doing well.
Last Saturday my PT looked at my walking and told me that I could dump my the heel raise in my shoe. I was really pleased as I had been told by the doctor at hospital that I would have to use them for 3 [...]

2 Shoes - At Last!

I moved into 2 shoes last Thursday 18th July This was 9 weeks since my start of treatment and I delayed my appointment by 1 week due to being on holiday.
My appointment with the consultant was a little underwhelming. He asked me how many weeks since the start of my treatment then asked a [...]

Board by the beach

In case anyone else wants to have a play in the water in their Vaco boot. I removed the cloth outer and just used the vacuum insert with some extra foam padding.

8 week update

I should have been in 2 shoes yesterday but I have had to delay my hospital appointment until next week as I am on holiday in Greece with the family this week.
I was partly dreading a week in a beach club full of windsurfers, sailing dinghies and stand up paddleboards. In reality I am really [...]