1 week in a boot

I have now been wearing my Vacoped/Vacocast boot for the last 7 days. The first 3 days were not good at all. I started to get very numb toes and ‘pins and needles’ (similar to alton2012’s experiences). It got worse and worse until I read a post from Norm (he should be Sainted!) telling Kellygirl that she may need to pad her boot to make it more comfortable. At the same time I got told by the UK Vacoped office that the vacuum liner for a Vacocast/Ped boot is single use and will break down over time. In the end I padded my boot and ordered a new liner which came the next day. The difference is amazing and the numbness has got much better since.

I strongly urge anyone using a second hand Vacocast to order a new vacuum liner ASAP.

I hired an automatic car and went to see some clients near London for a couple of days. This meant staying in a hotel for a couple of nights with no support network. After the first day on client site I ditched my crutches. I used an ‘even up’ on a pair of trainers and was soon walking comfortably without them. It was a really liberating experience and I took pleasure in simple things like being able to get my colleague a cup of coffee and carry it over to his desk. When I arrived home my 2 boys and my wife were amazed at the transformation. I even managed to play a game of cricket with the kids! It is hard to understand how different your life is when you can stand and walk on your own two feet. I can now have a near to normal life and can’t wait to get back to hospital next week to see how the doctors think I am progressing.

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  1. That is most excellent. I love seeing the word “liberating”–it is so true, isn’t it! Carrying coffee is a neat new trick for me too. So glad that the new boot is working so well for you and that you got to surprise the wife and kids. Enjoy and keep us posted :)

    ETA: FWIW, I watched one of ryanb’s vids on walking properly in the boot. I didn’t think there was a wrong way but there is. I think the key is not to shorten your stride and walk through the boot with your shin pressed against the front of the boot. Feels a lot different than the wrong way–to me at least.

  2. Thanks Kelly
    I’ll have a look now.

  3. I loved when I was able to use both of my hands to pull a wagon and carry my own food to the table. I am glad to hear you are doing so well.

  4. Yes, carrying a cup of tea AND hoovering both so very liberating, Emily Pankhurst wouldbe turning in her grave if she could hear me.
    I have also just driven my car for the first time in 12 long weeks, the clutch pedal felt fine, emergency stop perfect, I am free as a bird.
    Great news Andrew, enjoy walking and multi tasking .

  5. Sounds good, all. Thanks for the sainthood, Andrew, glad it helped!

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