Cast Off!

I feel very happy!

I went to the hospital yesterday with my ebay Vacoped boot! When I asked if I could use my own boot rather than the standard Aircast that they use in The hospital the doctor and staff were more than happy. Some of them had not seen the Vacoped so I showed them how to set it up and helped them put it on. They seemed to love the boot and a couple of them were amazed that I had sourced my own.
The doctor looked at my heel and felt along the Achilles he pushed and prodded but It did not hurt at all. He told me that things were healing very well and told me to set the boot to 15 degrees ( I had pre set it to 30!).
I asked him if I could move to PWB and he said no I could fully weight bear if bearable. He told me that I could take my foot out of the boot when resting but that I have to keep it on at night.
I am still on crutches and I am slowly starting to put more weight on the injured foot as things progress.
The boot is great and I will keep you all posted on my progress going forward.

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  1. Awesome, Congrats on getting out of the cast! We are on the same track. My VacoCast PRO should be here today. Got her off Craigslist at a great price. Right now im in the regular black boot with a 2CM heel lift. I am going to replicate that in the VacoCast. How long do you plan on keeping it at 15 degrees?

  2. Hi Daniel
    I plan to keep at 15 degrees until the 13th of June when I have my next hospital appointment. I am only 2 weeks in to my recovery so I am happy to wait.

  3. That’s awesome. Another boot buddy. I just got mine yesterday–although not the high tech Vaco! I didn’t know that you could take the foot out while resting–for some reason, I thought it was suppose to be on all the time to keep it safe.

    Keep us posted on your progress and congrats!

  4. One of many advantages of a boot, KG! And starting about 2 wks in, you can stary wiggling your foot around, too — and even getting PT!

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