I have just received my 2nd hand Vacoped boot (bought from Ebay). It is in very good condition and all seems to be in working order.
I have just read the manual and seen a small section that mentions inserting an Achilles pad. I do not have one of these pads so I am wondering if I have purchased the wrong thing. The manual says that the Achilles pad is only needed with the VACOachill in the 30 degree position.

Here is the detail of the model number:
Vaco Model

Are the rest of the forum members using a VACOachill or do you have the same VACOped that I have bought? Any advice would be appreciated.


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  1. I used Oped’s VacoPed Achilles for a few weeks early last year. As standard it came with 2 detachable soles - one was the flatter type and the other was a thicker (at the ankle end) wedge shape. The wedge sole was for wearing from week 3 on, for up to 4 weeks with the boot ankle starting off at 30º PF at week 3, to a hinged ROM of 30º PF - 15º PF. After that it was the flatter sole until I stopped the boot at end of week 8.

    Maybe Oped changed the design during the past 12 months by dropping the extra sole and replacing it with an insert.

    If your Kingsbridge is the one in Devon, you could give Oped a call at its UK office in Devizes. I found them to be helpful when I had a size issue with the boot.

  2. Thanks Hillie
    My boot has both soles so it sounds like it is the same as the one you used.

  3. Andrew, I’ve checked my box, it is identical product to yours. There was no pad with mine so I didn’t use one.

    However, I did find my boot rubbed at the back of my Achilles whilst at 30 degrees. Nothing serious but occasional irritation. I guess it depends where your rupture is as to how irritating it might be (ie low rupture may rub more). That’s the only reason I can see for an extra pad at 30 degrees. Worth giving Oped a call to check as I am not sure the pad is essential.

  4. Thanks Alton.
    I am going to the fracture clinic tomorrow so hopefully I can get into the boot then.

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