Cast Off!

I feel very happy!
I went to the hospital yesterday with my ebay Vacoped boot! When I asked if I could use my own boot rather than the standard Aircast that they use in The hospital the doctor and staff were more than happy. Some of them had not seen the Vacoped so I [...]


I have just received my 2nd hand Vacoped boot (bought from Ebay). It is in very good condition and all seems to be in working order.
I have just read the manual and seen a small section that mentions inserting an Achilles pad. I do not have one of these pads so I am wondering if [...]

Probably not my best idea!

Not sure if it was a good idea but I have just bought second hand Vacocast boot on Ebay for £30 ($45). My plan is to take it along to my next cast fitting and try to persuade them to let me go into the boot at 2 weeks.
Appreciate any comments on whether you think [...]

Some exercises for the first couple of weeks

I went to the Physio today to get some ideas on what exercises I can do at home whilst I am in the NWB cast. I am very happy that I went as he gave me a lot of exercises.
I will work on a set of routines and then update the blog with what I [...]

Squash? No thanks!

What a difference a 45 minute game of squash has made to my 2013! 44 minutes into the game I could have sworn that my opponent had kicked me in the back of my of my left calf. I tried to pick myself up off the floor and realised that he was nowhere near me!
I [...]