Posted by: andy1000 | October 16, 2011

14 Months On

Cannot believe how time has flown. Thought I would give a brief update on progress to date. It’s approx 14 months since surgery and things have pretty much returned to normal. The body is a great machine and given time it will heal itself. My Achilles is repaired quite well although I still suffer with pain after sitting or first thing in the morning for the first half dozen steps or so. Anti inflammatories work well to control the pain although I wish I didn’t have to take them. I still cannot run as I did before but walking is not a problem and I am able to complete 18 holes of Golf quite easily. Will give it another 6 months to see how things go and if I still get the pain in the back of my heel I will go back to my GP to see if anything can be done. For those of you considering surgery I would question your Surgeon to see if he intends to cut you at the back of your heel. If he says yes then I would recommend you go see another surgeon or choose the non op route.

Happy healing


Hi Andy, I had surgery 14 months ago also. I have stiffness but no pain in my achilles. I can walk happily on any terrain. My problem was caused by Arthritis and I am now getting some problems in my second Achilles. Its been such a tough journey and I would hate to have to go through it all again. But I am very glad I had the surgery. My life was hell before it. I work and have a young child and couldn’t manage either before. My elbow tendons are poorly too. But hey, I smile every day and get on with it.

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