Posted by: andy1000 | November 2, 2010

10 Weeks Post Rupture

Hi folks, been a few days since I posted so thought I should update my situation. I would like to start off with a question. My achilles is still very tight at the moment will this improve over time or am I likely to be stuck with it forever? I have an appointment with the OS this Thursday and will ask him the same question but I thought I would post it here first to see if there is much difference between the answers.

Saw the PT last Friday who said I had made a small amount of improvement with regard to the range of movement in my foot. He has given me some extra exercises to do namely to start using a red theraband for dynamic movement and also to start pushing into a towel for static pressure. I also have to start leaning forwards on to my toes using the back of a chair for support, with the pressure starting at 80% good foot 20% bad and slowly build up to 50/50.  He’s a bit vague when it comes to how many and how long I should be doing these for but I’m working on three to four times a day. 

I am finding it much easier to walk in shoes rather than bare feet largely due to the tendon feeling very tight. I have pretty much ditched the boot now for sleeping in and also for walking when indoors, the uneven surfaces of Newark on Trent are still way too scary for an adventure outside without it!!. I dont really suffer with any pain just some swelling when I sit with my foot down, this soon goes away if I elevate it.

All in all things are moving forward, I’ll let you know what the OS says about the tightness in my tendon.

Good luck and good healing for the future.



I am a few weeks ahead of you (and non surgical)

I have tightness at the heel, ie lower than the rupture.
But it keeps getting better so give yours time

i think the whole recovery / rehab is a big catch 22:
the less you move, the tighter and stiffer

the calf and achilles are both week, and they both
need each other. so how quickly to strengthen?????

Hi andrew8, It sounds like you’re progressing pretty well. The leaning exercise is excellent for waking up the muscles in the calf and foot and getting them ready for 2 legged heel raises. Since you are only ten weeks post-op, I wouldn’t be concerned about the stiffness in the AT. Work on proprioception and strength first. Once you do begin to do stretching exercises, the AT will be stretch and be fine. AFAIK, stretching aggressively too early in not necessarily a good thing. Discuss this with your PT to get some clarity. Good luck and keep healing.

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