Posted by: andy1000 | October 16, 2011

14 Months On

Cannot believe how time has flown. Thought I would give a brief update on progress to date. It’s approx 14 months since surgery and things have pretty much returned to normal. The body is a great machine and given time it will heal itself. My Achilles is repaired quite well although I still suffer with pain after sitting or first thing in the morning for the first half dozen steps or so. Anti inflammatories work well to control the pain although I wish I didn’t have to take them. I still cannot run as I did before but walking is not a problem and I am able to complete 18 holes of Golf quite easily. Will give it another 6 months to see how things go and if I still get the pain in the back of my heel I will go back to my GP to see if anything can be done. For those of you considering surgery I would question your Surgeon to see if he intends to cut you at the back of your heel. If he says yes then I would recommend you go see another surgeon or choose the non op route.

Happy healing

Posted by: andy1000 | November 5, 2010

Week 10 Post Op - Appt With OS

Had my third appt with OS yesterday, not the same person I saw last time or the time before that in fact I’ve had three different people over the 3 appointments. Anyway I would hope that they are all as competent as each other so what’s the difference. He was pleased with my progress and has said I can return to work in two weeks so it wont be long now before I’m back on the road driving for Eddie Stobart. I asked him about the tightness in the tendon and he explained that it was due to lesions adhering to my skin at the sit of the surgery. To overcome this he told me I have to massage the back of the tendon using a general massage oil or vaseline. I have to do this every hour for approx five minutes. I began yesterday afternoon and I have already started to feel a difference. My ankle and foot get quite hot shortly afterwards so obviously something is occuring and it seems to be beneficial. I also have to continue with the stretching excercises the Physio has given me. He also said that in 2 weeks I can commence light jogging. I think I’ll wait and see on that one as I am still limping when I walk at the moment. He has set another appt for 4 weeks time, which will be 14 weeks post op. Hopefully by then I might even be jogging!!


Good healing to you all.

Posted by: andy1000 | November 2, 2010

10 Weeks Post Rupture

Hi folks, been a few days since I posted so thought I should update my situation. I would like to start off with a question. My achilles is still very tight at the moment will this improve over time or am I likely to be stuck with it forever? I have an appointment with the OS this Thursday and will ask him the same question but I thought I would post it here first to see if there is much difference between the answers.

Saw the PT last Friday who said I had made a small amount of improvement with regard to the range of movement in my foot. He has given me some extra exercises to do namely to start using a red theraband for dynamic movement and also to start pushing into a towel for static pressure. I also have to start leaning forwards on to my toes using the back of a chair for support, with the pressure starting at 80% good foot 20% bad and slowly build up to 50/50.  He’s a bit vague when it comes to how many and how long I should be doing these for but I’m working on three to four times a day. 

I am finding it much easier to walk in shoes rather than bare feet largely due to the tendon feeling very tight. I have pretty much ditched the boot now for sleeping in and also for walking when indoors, the uneven surfaces of Newark on Trent are still way too scary for an adventure outside without it!!. I dont really suffer with any pain just some swelling when I sit with my foot down, this soon goes away if I elevate it.

All in all things are moving forward, I’ll let you know what the OS says about the tightness in my tendon.

Good luck and good healing for the future.


Posted by: andy1000 | October 23, 2010

First Physio Session 8 Weeks Post Op

Had a 40 minute session with PT courtesy of the NHS. He has given me a bunch of excercises to do to improve ROM. I also have to try standing on one leg to improve balance. This has to be done with support. I read one of Norm’s earlier blogs saying the best way to do this is to stand in a doorway and hang on to the sides and having tried it I have to agree with him, it feels very safe doing it this way. He has also said I can walk in bare feet or shoes indoors only. This is proving quite difficult as my confidence dips without the boot on. My ankle also feels very stiff after long priods of sitting. He has also told me to apply regular heat to the back of my heel to improve blood flow to the area particularly whilst doing the excercises. I get the feeling that this is where the hard work starts i.e. the more you put in the more you get out, but if you put too much in it could spell disaster and you could end up at square one. I go back to the physio next Friday the 29th Oct. Will keep you posted with my progress. Happy healing.

Posted by: andy1000 | October 14, 2010

My first Blog - A seven week summary.

24th August 2010 arrived in Italy from the uk for a 10 day holiday in the sun. After a few glasses of wine decided to do some skipping, don’t ask me why it just seemed the right thing to do at the time. After a few minutes I felt something hit the back of my left calf. I of course looked round and could see nothing, I then placed my left foot on the floor and fell over my AT had ruptured, nice. As I was the only driver we had to call an Ambulance to take to the Hospital. Via ultrasound they diagnosed a partial ATR and that it would need surgery which they would be able to do on the 26th Aug. I was given a nerve block injection for the surgery which went very well. I was put into a slab and told to keep my foot raised and not to put any weight on the leg for two months. They also said I would need to keep the large slab on for 1 month and then go to a smaller pot for the 2nd month. I also had to inject myself with a drug called nexafarin to prevent a deep vein thrombosis I had to do this for thirty days. They told me there is a less than one percent chance of a DVT occurring. On my return to the UK I had an appointment with an Orthopeadic surgeon. This was two weeks post op. He removed the slab and put me in an Aircast boot with five heel wedges the stitches were also removed from the incision which is about eight inches (20cm)long. In contradiction to the Italian protocol. He told me to go full weight bearing and to remove one wedge per week which I did with no problems. On my next appointment 6 weeks post op I was down to a single wedge. Today is 7 weeks post op and I have removed the last wedge. Next week if all goes to plan I can remove the boot and start to walk in normal shoes I am also due to start PT. Sorry this has been so long but I am starting from week 7 my future blogs will be much shorter. If you’ve just ruptured your AT the road to recovery is patience with a capital P. Don’t rush things let nature take it’s course, your body will heal given time.

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Boot Removal Day

Took the aircast boot off today and stood on my own 2 feet for the first time in 8 weeks. The surgeon said I should start walking without the boot in bare feet or shoes “if I wanted to”. I think he should maybe rephrase that to “if you can”. The bottom half of my leg feels like someone elses and does’t want to move the way it used to. What exercises will facilitate better mobility and allow me to start to walk again? Any help would be greatly appreciated.