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Two Years, 4 and half months on :)

Hi fellow recovery people :)

It’s been a while since I frequented the site, but I kept getting spam messages relating to my blog so I’ve just cleaned out the unwanted posts and thought I’d indulge myself in a little blog update.

The Achilles is as good as gold with no further issues to report, other issues are starting to niggle on occasion (elbow, shoulder and occasional isolated and short term pain in left Achilles seems appear now and again) so I am starting to think I am one of these people who has generally dodgy tendons - but other than that, I’ve continued on the path of a healthier style of living.

Things are good, I managed to get from a post rupture waist size of 40 inches to the target of 34″ :) I fell short of my original weight loss goal by 8 or 9lbs (siting at 201lbs today), still a regular gym goer, playing badminton one day a week and even started Bodycombat classes recently (which reminds me my knees are shot lol) :)

So my milestones sort of went, 5 weeks out of a cast (was a huge relief) 10 weeks able able to drive, 12 weeks back at work (boot set so 30degrees movement), 16 weeks out the boot - life at 20weeks was getting back to normal, but 26weeks I was back playing badminton and I’ve not looked back since then :)

Good luck to all of you, wishing speedy and uneventful recoveries to all :)