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8:45pm 366 days ago……….

Was the exact date and time I snapped my Achilles tendon……the weeks of which are detailed here in my blog.

A year on, I can say that the incident and following weeks, provided me with the opportunity to re-evaluate my lifestyle and determine the shape I wanted that to be in future.

Focusing on the positives, injuries like this can present a wealth of opportunity during those rehabilitation weeks.

Before the accident, even though I’d given up cigarettes, my fitness was poor, my weight ballooning and I was probably on freefall heading to an area beyond obese (6′2″ and 250lbs/17st 12lb 40″waist).

Now, having been inspired by the Achilles rupture, I set myself a goal to be healthier and to reach a sustainable target weight of 195lbs 13st 13lb 34″waist, currently sitting at 220lbs/15st 10lb 37″ waist… time to reach target weight 10 more weeks (fingers crossed)

Most of all right now, I am really enjoying being back on the court, playing better badminton than I have in years (even so that does not make me a good player, just better than I was :) ), sustaining a more consistent game throughout the double session than before….finally winning marginally more games than I am losing :)

So whilst the first weeks are less than great, each week after you’re able to ditch the crutches should yield some significant progress and by wk16 you will probably have regular life (minus sports for most of us) back to normal.

I recall not too long ago worrying about the increased chances of rupturing the other Achilles……now I just think, what will be will be and if it happens then I should embrace the opportunity to take stock once more.

Although a mini disaster when it happens, I believe the time it gave me to reflect helped save me from myself, it humbled me, it gave me a better perspective toward people with disabilities, a real appreciation for friends and family and I have come out the other side feeling a better person for the experience.

So to all those on the journey right now - use the time you have positively, it gets better quicker than you think, but longer than you hoped and make the most of the experience.

I will be forever greatful for this site and the people on it - shining lights in dark times, thanks to you all :)

Happy healing all!!