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44 Weeks in……

..and still going strong, fitter and lighter than before the injury now - The result of re-starting a reasonable exercise regime is that you are able to keep on pushing, so I am exercising more than ever now - 3x per week, 30mins resistance training and 1hr cardio (split between the elliptical, brisk walking on incline and cycling) as well as badminton once per week.

My eating habits are at a healthy stage, but I don’t stray away from weekend take outs or the odd meal out… life is for enjoyment after all :)

I wanted to reach my goal weight (88kgs /194lbs) by end of June, but base on current progress it’s looking more like Mid September and I’m determined to reach that goal. Once I have done that, I will continue to retain the fitter and healthier lifestyle I’ve re-created.

In terms of my Achilles - there are no major issues, I still limp when I get out of bed for a few steps, same when I get out the car after a few hours drive, but generally speaking I work on my form, strength is good but not as good as I would like although in regards to atrophy… I am within 1/4″ of the other calf.

So for all you people embarking or going through this journey - I wish you the best of recoveries, once you get out the boot things get back to normal reasonably quickly so hang in there and enjoy this site - fantastic resource that will help keep you sane during those early weeks and beyond :)