Wk38 - Faster, stronger, better :)

Hello to all my fellow ATR patients :)

38weeks in and all is well.

I am steadily improving in badminton (still bad, just not as bad now :) ) - Also, I am now a regular at the gym twice a week, so exercising with intensity 3x a week now and either a 30min walk or cycle outdoors as ofetn as I can on the other days (I don;t go out in rain or snow for example). Considering before the ATR I was only playing badminton once a week and not much else for the rest of it I am quite pleased with how I was able to just ease back into it :)

I only wish I’d not let my fitness slip to such a level before I did anything about it….worse still now I am getting back into a reasonable regime, I really enjoy it again….note to self, ipods are great to help keep you going when your exercising, but singing along to your favourite song in a gym is not cool :)

I started the year closer to 18stones than I had ever been before - Since January I’ve lost the weight I gained during my ATR comfort eating phase (14lbs) so I thought I had about 20lbs more to go to reach my goal, but after seeing my doctor, he informed me that I should be aiming for more like a further 33lbs - so that’s the new goal to reach by my birthday in June.

The walking on an incline really gives my calf muscles a good workout, not to mention my back (no longer suffering with back ache) and I’ve really taken to the cross trainer, it helped me sort my gait out for jogging which is no longer the problem it was four weeks ago, I can even “sprint” now but that highlights the need for more strength training.

Something that plays on my mind before exercise (especially badminton) is the higher risk of snapping the other one now, it’s a confidence thing that seems to go away as I get into whichever exercise I am doing - I hope that’s something that diminishes over time.

Happy healing to all


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  1. normofthenorth on February 22nd, 2013

    Right. My fear of tearing the other AT had just about disappeared by the time I actually tore it. ;-) It is what it is, que sera sera, life is what happens while you’re making plans. . . .

  2. arielvit on March 3rd, 2013

    At 35 weeks, I think I’m almost back to same level in sports as I was before the injury. And yes, that worry of re-rupture or tearing the other still pop up from time to time. There were times that I wanted to go for an MRI just to be sure. But what is different now is that its much easier to shrug off that worry and carry on.

  3. eva10 on March 15th, 2013

    Great to hear from you Andrew! I haven’t worried about a rupture to the other foot…yet. Ball season start in another 2 months, at which point I fully expect to be slightly more concerned. Keep us posted on your continued recovery!

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