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Help with some queries about walking, jogging and recovery please…..

I’ve recently started walking briskley (as if you’re late for an appointment not power walking) for 30mins each day, part way through I start to ‘run’ for 30mtrs (100feet) or so and try to do that twice per walk.

Sadly for me, I’d let my fitness slip long before the ATR occured, my ATR leg (right) was my ’stronger’ leg, the left has just a slither of cartiledge remaining as well as a cruciate reconstruction 12years ago, I think since that surgery I’ve always favoured leaning on my right leg but (over time) I started to exercise less regularly and badminton once a week was my only real exercise (no excuses because we can all choose to exercise if we so wish and I chose other things and work).

My body is adjusting to this new exercise regime and the weight has started to come down over the past 2 weeks (which pleases me a lot but there’s a good 25kg/56lbs to go) but this is just the beginning of making my lifestyle a more active one.

However, what happens is that my ATR foot has little (if any) spring in it and the foot can really slams on the floor unless I absolutley focus on the movement (even then it’s not great)….I think that it’s improving slowly, but I never thought getting back to a jog would be so challenging, I certainly can’t sustain a jog for any distance at all.

Also - I’ve started getting some discomfort in the left ‘good’ leg - specifically at the junction between calf and ATR, or equal position to where the right ATR snapped before as well as general muscle ache (feels like lactic acid build up) in the non atr calf during and after each walk….. so I’d be lying if I said I am not worried, because it concerns me a lot.

I would love to hear of how other people re-adjusted to running/brisk walking - what (if any) discomfort do you discover and how did u manage to get back to running?

Tips/tricks/Pitfalls, good/bad experiences I’d love to read about them all so please post or link me to your recovery blogs :)