2nd Physio Appt @ 14wks 2days

So some positives came from todays physio session:

Got the “good to go” for using the stationary bike (light resistance), but not the cross-trainer yet….maybe in two weeks….that was my assessment though the physio looked puzzled as if to say ‘yeah right’ :)

Moved onto Standing calf raises/stretching and one legged balancing on an uneven surface, continue with basic exercises.

Standing calf stretch equals a mini “ouchie” - This one comes with some pain local to the original “snappage” point but at back of the calf (near to the bone). So I hold the stretch at that point where I can feel that sensation, not sure if its local scar tissue that needs breaking down or if I am actually pulling on the tendon, the physio told me to be more aggressive in the massage of the calf tendon junction area (the “scene of the crime” so to speak).

Physio was happy that swelling past current form is non-existent.

It does occur to me the physios are certainly being sensitive to any exercise that will put the calf muscle under load, airing on safe rather than sorry - I always get tempted to do more, push more and achieve more, then I remind myself of the journey thus far and try and control such urges.

Seems that my excellent DF is partly due to healing a bit longer than before, I’ve now got a degree or two more flex in that ankle than the non atr one, nothing too serious (I hope), apparently it can happen :)

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  1. Adam on September 5th, 2012

    Sounds like your doing really good. I also get the same pain in my AT when doing heel raises.. My PT has me doing one legged now (putting lot of weight my arms on a desk still) after doing a lot of raises I also have pain when walking the rest of the day.. Brought this up to the doctor when i saw him last week, and he told me thats how it goes sometimes, its the scar tissue and not to worry.

  2. pauls on September 11th, 2012

    Keep going push as much as you dare! I have my dr. Visit next Tuesday looking forward to him moving me to the next step!

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