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One Legged Heel Lift……

16weeks in and Physio session no3

Physio started the usual way with a chat (she knows I want to get a proper rehab workout going at the gym) and a quick visual inspection of walking and standing, then we moved to the bike to check things there, all good after 5 mins the physio gives it an ok….but not to load up the resistance when I am unsupervised.

We move to the cross trainer because the physio knew I was aiming to vary a fat-burning workout on the gym and cross trainer was on my hitlist…..this one was weird, with my foot planted flatly on the leg platform, the eliptical movement simulates a gait and it really highlighted how different my weaker leg movement was compared to the strong one…. it’s an ideal rehab partnership for this injury at this point in time to help synchronise the stride pattern……..another okay to proceed on my own :)

Final phase of this weeks physio was between the parallel bars for support and using the wobble board (for left-right and then back-front balancing) and then one legged stands in one of those aerobics trampolines…..left to right balalnce needs work, but overall balance control on ATR leg is edging closer the same performance of the strong one.

After these exercises the physio asked to see my two legged calf raises, seemed content with the result and asked me to try a one legged heel raise……….”WHAAAAAAAA??????!!!?” was my response…..but she was serious.

I was asked to do the non-atr leg first to use as the aim point, then, feeling more than a little apprehensive, I positioned the right leg, lifted the left out the way and proceeded to move for the calf raise………… my delight I managed less than 2cm’s of lift (but I did lift it :) ) before I hit the wall, I had nothing else to give and although I tried to focused hard for another 3 or 4 seconds, I could lift no more :(

So it would seem I passed the trials and have been deemed ready for the quest for the holy grail, my new mission is to go forward with cycling, cross-training and practice calf raises together and just on the ATR leg, next official physio is in 3 weeks - I’d be well pleased if I can make the single legged heel lift a reaility between now and then.

The other good news was that although I was a bit achy last night after the physio, I felt good this morning, the muscle felt as though it did some work.

As I type this the calf, the tendon, the ankle all feels as good as it did before the exercise and I’ve had no additional swelling as a result.

Just need an exercise regime now, but I am mentally and (officially) physically ready to get this thing going!!

2nd Physio Appt @ 14wks 2days

So some positives came from todays physio session:

Got the “good to go” for using the stationary bike (light resistance), but not the cross-trainer yet….maybe in two weeks….that was my assessment though the physio looked puzzled as if to say ‘yeah right’ :)

Moved onto Standing calf raises/stretching and one legged balancing on an uneven surface, continue with basic exercises.

Standing calf stretch equals a mini “ouchie” - This one comes with some pain local to the original “snappage” point but at back of the calf (near to the bone). So I hold the stretch at that point where I can feel that sensation, not sure if its local scar tissue that needs breaking down or if I am actually pulling on the tendon, the physio told me to be more aggressive in the massage of the calf tendon junction area (the “scene of the crime” so to speak).

Physio was happy that swelling past current form is non-existent.

It does occur to me the physios are certainly being sensitive to any exercise that will put the calf muscle under load, airing on safe rather than sorry - I always get tempted to do more, push more and achieve more, then I remind myself of the journey thus far and try and control such urges.

Seems that my excellent DF is partly due to healing a bit longer than before, I’ve now got a degree or two more flex in that ankle than the non atr one, nothing too serious (I hope), apparently it can happen :)