Bye bye Ortho center….Why hello there Physio!!

Well it’s a moment of relief and happiness with a new set of challenges ahead.

Having walked into the ortho center prepared for a challenging discussion, wearing my trainers and boot in hand, the guy just smiled at me, assessed the ankle, did a thompson test and stated they can do no more for me, everything looks great, I am now discharged and moved to physio… pleased and relieved.

The day started well - I only waited 20mins to get in and 10mins to get out (opposed to the 2.5hrs previously)

Then it got better - The physio was available to assess my status, I got in there in less than 5minutes from walking through the door and after some discussion and foot wiggling she was pleased with my progress (although we did discover that both of my feet invert well but not so good range the opposite way) - all that plus a physio therapy rehab appointment was available in less than a weeks time.

I was instructed to get me a tennis ball to roll around under my foot, to activate the balance sensors in my foot, I decided to get the marbles too.

Keeping the boot at the ready for those off-road/uneven surface walks was also mentioned at least for the next 4weeks.

Some advice I got about driving at the early stages - after a long motorway drive (1hr or more) don’t get out the car and go for long walks…..apparently the driving is a good workout for the right foot and a 30mins plus walk after would be putting the achilles at risk….don’t know how true this is with the modern protocols??

It’s not like winning the lottery but with this injury, things like this for me feel like massive wins….bring on the rehab :)

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  1. Hillie on August 14th, 2012

    The tennis ball is good for rolling up and down the calves too - do it on your ‘good’ leg as well, it might have been suffering just lately too.

  2. eva10 on August 14th, 2012

    Great news Andrew! I’ve found over the course of the last 9 weeks that physio has become my happy place!! Used to be the salon, but now it has definitely become physio. I always find I make the best strides a day or two after seeing him. Quite remarkable what they are able to do for us.

  3. pauls on August 16th, 2012

    Great news! I like the tennis ball thing! Off to buy one!

  4. Kate on May 6th, 2013

    WOW! Physiotherapist always help person to get relief from pain that good that you get a good physiotherapist Clinic. They give therapy according to your injury. First time I heard that Tennis ball Therapy that really good.

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