11 weeks in and finally in 2 Shoes….all the time :)

It’s that milestone…so pleased - two shoes, that’s normal shoes, slippers, barefoot, trainers no wedges :)

I drove a 140 mile roundtrip on Friday in my work shoes for a customer visit - the foot was sore when I got home and although I started off the day walking okay, there was a limp at the end of it, no additional swelling though and 1hr 30mins behind the wheel the shoes started to feel really uncomfortable (I may keep a pair of trainers in the car to drive).

I feel myself getting cocky a few times - stood up on the bed to change a lightbulb this morning and the foot sank into the big mattress - the ankle tightened up as I maintained my balance, I felt it and was able to shift my weight and breathe a sigh of relief - not out of danger yet must be vigilant.

Going down stairs - every ATR’s nemesis, at home, I can go down them okay, not quite fluent and adjusting my descent as per norms advice but normal…. I push myself to keep exercising though, the gains are less noticeable but still coming and now is not a time to consider easing up.

Still airing on the side of caution, the boot follows me wherever I go, on hand just in case I am going off-road (uneven surfaces etc) the boot is set to a cautious 15degs dorsi my ankle has more flex than that in it though :)

I am definitely and defiantly going into the hospital without my boot on for my review tomorrow (give me the physio!!!) and I may even go to the gym tonight and try some treadmill, cross trainer and stationary cycling….not sure about rowing though, any advice? :)

Happy healing all :)

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  1. pauls on August 13th, 2012

    That’s great!! Keep it going. I’ve still got another week on crutches :( but I have been partial load bearing using the crutches and it feels ok. I sooo want to be able to drive again. Still need the wife to drive me anywhere I go.
    Happy healing good luck!

  2. Adam on August 13th, 2012

    Amazing! Congrats.. gives me someting to look froward to!

  3. Hillie on August 13th, 2012


    You’ve done well, taken it quite steadily (apart from your ‘light bulb’ moment but we all do daft things like that).

    You’ll probably be good for the bike (my physio gave the ok for this at about week 4 to my surprise and it was ok with no resistance, just spinning); treadmill ok - you can walk after all; cross trainer - I’ll be interested to read how you get on with it - I couldn’t take this til about week 15. But don’t get over-confident - you are at a pretty vulnerable stage.

    Get some strength back as you are doing for a few weeks, then you’ll really want to consolidate the gains by doing some serious physio.

  4. ryanb on August 13th, 2012

    Great progress Andrew- for gym advice:

    Stationary bike: I found this was the first machine I could get back on. Dial the resistance way way down, and I was able to spin (no boot, regular shoe) about the same time I started PWB.

    Cross-trainer/elliptical. Some of these machines worked good for me, some forced more ankle involvement than I was ready for. I really liked the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT). I could dial in just as much Achillies participation as I wanted- could do a (no Achilles) hard cardio workout, or an easier focus on rehab.

    Treadmill. Good for really focusing on your gait. Take it slow. Work on that heel-to-toe roll, toes straight forward, equal length strides, etc. Dialing up the incline was a good way to gradually work ROM too. For me, backwards walking was really helpful too. Made me keenly aware of deficiencies in my stride.

    Rowing- I didn’t do much of it. I think, depending on the machine, you might be able to push through your heels and really go at it. As with everything, I’d recommend a really easy session to start; wait a day, and then assess just how hard it was on you ;-)
    Good luck!

  5. starshep on August 13th, 2012

    Your experience with changing the light bulb reminds me of some of the exercises my therapist had me do on the Bosu ball. Except there I was doing it under very controlled conditions with a set of parallel bars for safety. You therapist will probably have you doing a lot of balance exercises like that. There’s got to be a joke there about how many ATR patients it takes to change a light bulb. LOL

  6. toble74 on August 13th, 2012

    Congrats Andrew!

  7. eva10 on August 13th, 2012

    Congrats Andrew!! That’s such great news. So happy for you!!!

  8. andrew1971 on August 14th, 2012

    The family prevented me from going to the gym - so nothing new to report there as yet….but on reflection I think my mind was writing a few cheques my body would not cash.

    Having slept on it and remembering I am at 11weeks and in the ‘dangerzone’ it’s probably best if I continue with some steady progression for now, I’ll be continually re-assessing what I can do over the next few weeks for sure….but as you can tell I am eager to do more ASAP.

  9. Hillie on August 14th, 2012

    The static bike is one that you should be able to use (no standing on the pedals…) and helps to build some muscle strength including in the knees and thighs which will help take some of the strain off the calves. Buy one second hand, maybe eBay? Resell it later if you don’t want keep it, you won’t have lost much money and it could help you greatly. Recommended!

  10. Curlygirl on August 28th, 2012

    I am very happy for you!

  11. Kimjax on August 28th, 2012

    Awesome, Andrew! Boxing up the boot and sticking it in the closet is a great feeling!! :)

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