7th week heaven

Hi - just wanted to share the progress I felt during my 7th week post op.  I started the week with 2 crutches putting most of my weight on the boot, but still not confidently FWB. 

By the end of the week I was moving around the house without crutches - with the new found freedom of using 2 hands to carry stuff around the house and even did a bit of gardening.  I’ve taken all the foam wedges out of the boot and walking around confidently outside but taking one crutch in case of tiredness.  Also had a really positive Physio appointment - geting pretty close to 90 degrees and got my first exercise to start pushing down - using a ‘theraband’

So after all those weeks of tiredness, swelling and dis-comfort - I really felt that for me it was the week that things were improving.

My next consultant appointment is this Friday - 8 week post-op - and although I’m not banking on it - I’ll be taking the second shoe just in case……

Hello - 6 weeks post-op

Hi - I am late to register here - but its a really useful site - so here goes.

I am now 6 weeks post-op & things looking a lot better than in those first few weeks.

Summary of my life as a tripod is:

Part 1  = 1 leg + 2 crutches:

First 3 weeks post op was in a plaster cast.  Managed a very small amount of hobbling around NWB on the crutches - but spent what felt like 23 & half hours a day with my foot up.

Managed to get an air-cast boot fitted at 3 weeks - Consultant was initially going for another NWB cast but the Plaster Technician helped convince him of the advantages of the Air-Cast Boot & I am very grateful to him.  I started with 3 foam strip wedge in heel and very limited weight bearing - currently on 2 & due to take another out this week. 

Part 2 = 1 crutch + 1 leg + 1 Boot

I have been gradually putting more weight on the boot & now progressed to FWB & 1 crutch.  It feels very strange, trying to remember how to walk again when your heel is fixed,  but it feels like great progress.  The leg still gets very tired and needs lots of rest. 

I had first physio appointment last week & got some gentle exercises to do and going back next week.  Then have Consultant follow up the week after. 

It’s been a very frustrating few weeks - but I am very grateful for the great service from NHS (English National Health Service) - and after all its only a few months of my life and - fingers crossed - I should continue to become more mobile as the weeks progress.

Good luck to you all.