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196 weeks on

So here I am 196 weeks since my Achilles rupture and it all seems but a distant memory. In the 196 weeks since that troubled time, I have been running steadily, walking up and down mountains (”tramping” a we call is in New Zealand - my current home), did lots of yoga, swimming, even played some tennis (which is how I did my Achilles in)…had a baby, ran post-baby and now I am pregnant again. It just goes to show that the body is an amazing and wonderful thing, capable of more than our minds allow us to imagine sometimes. I am very happy to have had good care along the way and to now feel like I have my body back!

For anyone reading this and going through this or any other injury, I wish you strength, good recovery and most of all, good head-space - one of the most important factors here (at least I felt so)!