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Archive for August 25th, 2010

Steady progress

It’s been another week and another PT appointment (number 3)…and it sounds like it was my last. My PT gave me more exercises to do (I can now balance for 1 min) and signed me up for the “Ankle Strength Group” which is a group that meets twice a week in the local physio gym and does one hour of strengthening exercises under the watchful eyes of the PTs. I still walk with a little limp but my gait is slowly improving and will get back to normal once I can roll nicely over my bad foot.

I did about 10 slow (slight) heel raises under the PT’s observation and am supposed to do 2 lots of 8 each day, twice a day. I also still continue with stretching my tendon, and practice rolling over the foot nicely - controlled poised walking - for at least 2min a day. Finally, she showed my boyfriend how to massage my scar (that was actually almost soothing).

Feeling positive, even though still about 2 months away from my first run apparently. Boo! Come on clock and hurry up I need some endorphins!