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Archive for August 19th, 2010

1 week on at the 2-shoes stage

I have been under the guidance of my PT for one week now. My progress is apparently excellent and she is pleased that I am getting more and more comfortable walking around without crutches in my shiny new 2-shoes (see below, these shoes are great because their adjustable straps allow swelling). She only took my boot away last week for the first time in 8.5 weeks, so lots has happened in the last 7 days. It only took me 2 days or so to completely ditch the crutches. I have a funny limp as I walk, but apparently developing normal gait is going to take some time yet. My ROM is fine, though still a few degrees off the normal range. Calf is weak, as expected. So more playing with elastic bands for me, and more balancing practice too (I could almost do 15 seconds on the bad leg).

One thing she got me to do is to balance on a wobble board. I don’t know if others have experienced this but it looked super dangerous and difficult to me and I was scared stiff of it. The point of this board was to see where I place most of my weight, and as expected, I tend to put it all on the back heel. Apparently, I am supposed to try to consciously shift it more towards the front of the foot, so it is more evenly spread over the leg. I don’t like this wobble thing and hope to never see it again. Anyone else met the scary wobble board?

Apart from balancing and fun with elastic bands, she is also getting me to try and very very gently lift the heel of my legs (including the bad one!) off the ground, while using my fingers to lean on something. This feels dangerous and early and I am too scared to do it. Has anyone else been told anything to do this quite this quickly in their treatment? She said it will gradually help to stretch and strengthen the tendon.

Things are good otherwise, not much swelling to report and I managed to walk 35 min (at my snail pace) without any break stops into town the other day, so I am happy enough with that. No stationary cycle for me yet (my PT does not seem to think it is quite the messiah that other PTs appear to believe it is, so she is not reccomending it. I will apparently join some gym circuit group at some point in the next few weeks though, so maybe then!?! not sure yet).

Happy healing everyone!