2.5 Weeks Post-Op

The Pain
I’ve been really lucky that this whole process has been minimally painful. I think the highest rating I would give this entire process (including injury and surgery) is a 3 out of 10. In some ways, I am lucky that it was a complete rupture; it was less painful than a partial tear (according [...]

Starting Recovery

The Mental and Emotional Impact
I am a pretty sensitive person who believes in embracing emotions rather than repressing them. With any injury, there are a lot of thoughts that go thru your head. Especially for someone who is active, an AT rupture is greatly going to impact your life. Luckily, I have a lot of [...]

The Diagnosis and Surgery

After the injury, I immediately iced the back of my calf. There was pain but it was not horrendous (or at least not what everyone says a rupture should feel like). I even slept thru most of the night.
Urgent Care (1 day post-injury)
One day after the injury, my mom helped take me to the local [...]

About Me and the Injury

Hi Everyone!
I cannot really tell how active people are here, but I figured that sharing my journey might be therapeutic. Maybe I can find someone to “walk” thru this journey with (pun intended). I’ll start with a bit about me and how my injury occurred.
About Me
My name is Andrea and I am 25 years old. [...]