I am a 25 year old female who works out 4x a week. I ruptured my AT on August 12th, 2018.

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  1. Welcome to the club Andrea!

    Be sure to check out agnesatr’s achilles blog. She has some good info and some good videos! I’m more than twice your age - LOL! I’ve been through the entire bone spur surgery before so I already know that the outcome can be awesome at the end. A bit different for those with ATR since they didn’t do it voluntarily. I hope you have at least a shower stool to kneel on, a cast cover to cover up until you get the OK to get your foot wet, a knee scooter or iwalk if your doc will have you being NWB for any length of time (unless you’re good on crutches - I’m a disaster on them!), and an even up so that both feet will be at the same time while you’re in the boot.

  2. Hi Cserpent! I read your blog and definitely check out agnesatr’s.

    I actually was put into a boot 2 days post-op. I’ve been given the go ahead to get the incision wet in the shower but just not in standing water (i.e. ocean, pool, etc). I’m NWB for 5 more weeks so we will see if I get too tired of the crutches!

    Thanks for your input! It is really nice to be able to find people who are experiencing something similar.

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