About Me and the Injury

Hi Everyone!

I cannot really tell how active people are here, but I figured that sharing my journey might be therapeutic. Maybe I can find someone to “walk” thru this journey with (pun intended). I’ll start with a bit about me and how my injury occurred.

About Me

My name is Andrea and I am 25 years old. I was not much of an athlete growing up but after college, I became pretty involved with Crossfit. I know what you are thinking… of course she got injured doing Crossfit BUT it was not a WOD or heavy lift that did me in. I was working out about 4x a week and trying to add in some additional activity. I sail small boats, enjoy salsa dancing, and walk frequently. I eat well and am considered the health buff of my office (not that that means that much).

The Injury

By Sunday August 12th, I had already had a pretty active weekend. I was pretty sore from some workouts, had spent some time in the ocean, and had done quite a bit of walking. On Sunday, I walked 3 miles to the gym, had a tough workout, and biked 3 miles home. My body was pretty tired. My roommate asked me if I wanted to go to Sky Zone, one of those trampoline places for kids. My body was tired but I was starting to try to lean out by adding more cardio, so I napped and convinced myself to go. While there, I could tell my body was just tired. I normally would be doing handsprings and tucks but I was barely feeling up to jumping. This particular gym had a warped wall (think American Ninja Warrior). I had done a similar thing during Tough Mudders and the kids were all doing it fine, so I didn’t think it would be too hard. It took me a while to work up the courage to try and finally I took a stab at it. My first step on the wall and I knew something was wrong. I hopped off the wall pretty quickly and sat down on the edge. Nobody even realized that I had been injured. I knew something was wrong but I was not able to articulate what hurt. I was briefly nauseous but nobody thought it was serious. My roommate carried me to the car. It was not until that I had to climb the stairs to my apartment that I started crying (another reason why I did not think it was too badly injured).

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