Speed bump on the road to recovery

Last Thursday I went in for my 2 week appointment with the Ortho surgeon to have my first cast removed, and get checked out and have a second cast put on for an additional 2 weeks.

All seemed to be going well until I mentioned to the doc that I was feeling a slight tenderness in my calf, and was also experiencing occasional, very short duration, rapid heartbeats. He immediately became concerned about potential clots/DVT, and ordered an Ultrasound for me.

Well it turned out that the Ultrasound did find a DVT clot in my left leg. I also was sent in for a chest CT scan to rule out any PE (which maybe causing the rapid heart rate). The CT scan was negative.

The ER doc put me on Xarelto blood thinner for the next 21 days, and then beyond that probably for another 20 days.

I am feeling pretty good now. Have been trying to be more active, and getting out riding around town on my knee scooter. Also, trying to drink a lot more water. Inactivity and dehydration can definitely contribute to DVT and clotting. The rapid heart rate has significantly subsided over the past day or so, so hopefully that is a good sign.

I am scheduled for a follow-up visit with the Ortho doc this week just for a quick checkup since the DVT diagnosis. Then, I am scheduled to get out of the cast on the following Thursday and into a boot. I am definitely looking forward to that day!

Anyone else have a similar experience going with the non-surgical approach?

2 Responses to “Speed bump on the road to recovery”

  1. Glad you’re doing better! It is a relief to get in the boot! Just remember to wear socks covering your entire leg so the boot doesn’t get scrungy inside.

  2. In the uk if we are in a cast or a boot we are given enoxaprin blood thinner injections (at least we are at my local hospital) as standard preventative treatment. Am glad u are now on the mend xx

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