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February 29, 2016 | |

Progress is going great. Pt twice a week and I do strengthening stuff at gym lately. My goal right now is to fully be able to walk without a little limp and completely pain free. Once I can do that (hopefully within next couple weeks max) pt will let me begin a introducing running. Pt says thr stiffness in toe is is the issue. So doing tons of stretching on toe. Any tips on improving flexibility in toe?


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  1. bryanb on February 29, 2016 8:13 pm

    Hey My Friend….
    Looks like we are at the same point of recovery. I just got back from PT this afternoon and we worked on stretching the toe and other things to ‘re-learn’ to walk again without the limp. The main focus was to ‘roll’ the ball of the foot. It seems easy, but was really difficult. Then we worked on balancing on the bum foot and it was apparent, all the weight was on the heel and nothing on the ball of the foot.
    Once I got home, I went for a walk to concentrate on the ‘roll’. It got progressively smoother. The main difference: I realized I wasn’t putting much weight on my bum leg, which was causing the quick stride of my good foot, resulting in the limp. As I put more weight on the ball of the foot and focused on the ‘roll’. the limp was subsiding.
    Hope that helps. Happy strong.

  2. beanie on February 29, 2016 9:25 pm

    Hey Amag3232, I’m glad to hear that everything is still progressing well for you.

    I have struggled with tight toes from the start, and I’m still struggling. For example, when I stretch my calf on the good leg then someone else can lift my toes off the ground while I hold the stretch, but on the bad leg I’m not even sure a forklift could pry them up! Anyway, recently the physio suggested getting and wearing yogatoes. You can buy them online - the toe separator. I’ve started putting it on for some of my balancing, squatting and stretching exercises. It is not comfortable but I think that it’s really helping. When I wear the yogatoes and stretch the sticking point stops being my toe flexor and shifts into the ankle and achilles where it should be. Physio told me to wear it 20min per day, but I probably only do about 10-15min and usually only to exercise, I don’t just sit with it on - maybe I should.

    The other thing I was told to do was roll out the bottom of my foot with a golf ball.

    Good luck and happy healing!

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