so here i am still waiting for my air boot!!!! So have dug out old walking boot that I had pre op friends have made me a wedge to fit it and i can WALK!!!(as walking goes sort of pwb and crutches)  however i now and again get a huge shooting pain through my heel. Any suggestions PLEASE?


Off we went to see friends Saturday evening sat in a friends house for a few hours, came home and this was my leg

six weeks post op visit to lovely surgeon

Well  off I hopped to see the surgeon yesterday for my six week post op visit and to get my walking boot that wasnt available two weeks ago! Well there it was waiting for me but before having it fitted I asked about my repair to the muscle not tendon to tendon as the physio wants to know more before she will push me any further! the result was a lovely diagram on my leg to explain that I had a v to y repair.
V to Y
So there it is
Anyway off I went with the lovely nurse to have my boot fitted with my husband in tow. Well they pushed and they shoved and they heaved and they hoed and no way was that boot going to fit correctly! My heel would not fit on to the heel or any of the wedges! if the heel went down then out it slid. I felt so useless as they are all including my husband telling me to try harder!! They were shoving bits of foam here there and everywhere and saying see!!! Then i asked them to take it off and re do it “Well we cant do that” was their answer well says I you expect me to do so every morning and when i want a shower!! So the boot went back in to the packet and off I went for another cast!!! Blue this time to keep my Chelsea supporting daughter happy. However they only have red straps and green strapped shoes!!
HOWEVER I do get an air boot! when it has been ordered and it arrives!
So there it is the good news is from the surgeon “When you feel ready you can FWB” not even starting with PWB no not me and my surgeon who had sat talking to me massaging my foot ! very nice too but not comfortable with hubby watching!
Anyway FWB he says I will when i get home says I who has sat with leg in the air for 6 weeks and no weight bearing AT ALL. Well I can’t remember how to walk for love nor money can I do it!!
I put useless limb in front with crutches then hop with good limb!! Can’t do it won’t do it too scared to do it! Don’t want to re rupture! A soft cast plaster cast will NEVER hold my weight never mind my tendon! I CAN’T REMEMBER HOW TO WALK and no matter how much I try I CAN’T DO IT (Stamps feet!)

Yeah had a bath!!

Managed to get in the bath today, it was heaven to soak the useless limb in the lovely hot water, had a bit of a panic getting out as still NWB! but managed it.

Quick question what is ROM>?

no cast and should I sleep in a boot?

As I have a removable cast I am spending most of my time out of it, however my calf is rock hard and warm, i am doing my exercises but end up in agony at night. As i twitch at night I am petrified of re rupture due to me twitching at night, I am having my boot on Thursday not an air one just a normal boot with wedges,my surgeon has said I can remove it at night, what do people think?

First Physio session

today i had my first physio session and feel very positive after it. Yesterday I booked to spend New Year in London then realised oh sh*t will I be able to walk,physio says yes but with crutches!! however physio has me putting my foot on the floor and pushing on my knee to get the heel down, also using my dressing gown cord to pull mu toes up. My foot around my toes are very swollen and sore so hoping to get my husband to massage them to help the swelling to go down. Back to physio on Monday

the scar 5 weeks post op

the scar 5 weeks post op

pulling up the foot

pulling up the foot

4 week return to see surgeon

So today I went back to see the surgeon and he is pleased with the progress, everyone thinks I have a lovely scar would be better if I didn’t have one at all.
However surgeon suggested walking boot with HUGE wedge, but alas good old NHS didn’t have one to fit had too small and too big.
So back I am in a removable cast, the surgeon tried to move my heel and has referred me to physio, how ever as he moved my heel my toes were killing me the pain in the ball of my foot and my toes was really bad, the heel was ok, I have been instructed to not put ANY weight on my foot but i can remove the cast to try to move the ankle and they will call me back when they have a boot.
I was told I would be able to take the boot off to sleep!! I am so nervous of every step as I have said previously so scared of re rupture, at one point the surgeon asked if i would be ok without anything on my foot!!! i said no please put me back in cast as the thought of nothing on my foot really scares me.
Oh and there is no record of me ever having been to A & E in July when i did the injury and was told to take painkillers and go home!


What are the stats for re rupture after surgery? As many posts on here are for re rupture this has to be my worst nightmare, number 1 to go through all this for mine in particular not to work and number 2 for it to re rupture and if they do how soon after surgery?


I have not taken anything but the odd paracetemol since my op should I be worried that i havent had much pain?

So This is it

So there I was walking around for 8 weeks knowing something was wrong, but being told by medical professionals to get on with, then I saw a great nurse in minor injuries who 8 weeks down the line said I had a partially ruptured achilies tendon, result something was wrong I was right!! So off to see the specialist I went who then asks where have you been for 8 weeks well walking was was my answer as was told just bruising get on with it, off I go for a scan to be told OH DEAR totally ruptured tendon with 4cm gap between the tendons, so 9 weeks after injury off I go to surgery, out of surgery told oh dear as the time between rupture and surgery so long have had to stitch the tendon to my muscle (yes they found one)

So here I am three weeks after surgery writing this blog as I am totally imobile in bed not allowed to move my leg at all must keep it elevated in my lovely ballarena position for the forseeable future. BORED.COM