About my ATR

I swear that back in May I partially ruptured my tendon, as I was chasing horses in the field I heard a pop and my leg went from under me. As I was determined the horse was not going to get away without being caught i carried n running around the field. However half an hour later I was unable to walk. The following day i attended minor injuries to be told it was not my achilies as there was no bruising. (Actually four days later there was) However after two weeks every thing was back to normal and I was out training for my endurance riding with my horse ( riding up to ten miles 4 times a week)

then on the 25th July i am on my horse in the middle of a four mile stretch of beach when we parted company, in to the sea I went and up the beach he went! Luckily a friend was with me and retrieved my horse, my first words were ” Oh **** my calf has gone again” As I am small and my horse is tall I had to walk some distance to find something to stand on to get back on! One mile down the beach rocks hooray, foot in stirrup um yes foot not doing what brain was telling it to do and was not going in stirrup, another mike walk with one very scared horse! on to the public beach, remember I landed in the water black bra yellow t shirt not a good look! Public beach I am greeted by children I have taught oh aren’t you Miss? Please guys can i not be today can you forget you saw me. Oh No dad take a picture of Miss so i can write about it when I get back to school, luckily dad knew by the look on my face I was not going to be amused if he took my picture. The rest of the story is on my previous blog, however I would like to add that everytime I have been to the hospital I have mentioned that my brain tells my foot to do something and my foot is not listening and that I am unable to stand on tip toes and get up the stairs, however they rely on the Thompson test and everytime this was performed tight up to one week before surgery (8weeks after rupture) my foot moved!!

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