It will have been three years next month since I ruptured my tendon and still I fight for an apology of sorts from the idiot DR who didnt diagnose my rupture, It now seems a specialist Dr who watched me walk for 10 yards states I do not have a limp!! I saw this man who will decide my future for 15 mins during this time he states that the recovery time from achilies surgery is approx 6 months and that no one ever recovers fully!!! I have learned to deal with my disability it isnt until I start thinking about it that i realise how it does affect me on a daily basis. A friend recognised me from a distance last week due to my limp, I walk down stairs sideways as I dont have the flexion for normal walking down the stairs. I am unable to stand on tip toes walk on uneven ground, stand on a ladder!! just some of the things, however i have recently started having major cramps at night any suggestions? Is NOrm still about?


  1. Aly - Just caught this post. Norm is still around but has been restricted to his own page. Bit of a house arrest. You can comment on his page and he will respond. Regarding cramps I know he would say Potassium supplements and I would say Magnesium. Been there before with this issue. Both are good. Magnesium aids the electrical stimuli in the muscles. Having a good salt balance is important for avoiding cramps. I use pink salt only now but I don’t believe it has Mg so I take a supplement when required. Sorry to hear all your troubles are still going on. Are you thinking of surgery to correct the tendon length? Not sure if you would want to go through it all again. Hope all else is well with you.

  2. Poor Norm he is fantastic with his advice. Definately no more surgery been offered for them to remove a tendon from my big toe and use that which would render my big toes useless and no guarentees I would see an improvement no this is me for the rest of my days, limp, unable to stand on tip toes (amazing how this affects you ) cant walk on uneven ground grrrrrr If I could only have ten mins with the dr who didnt diagnose my ruptured tendon

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