Thank you to all who commented on my last post. I attended a meeting with the clinical director and the head of A and E at the hospital who failed to diagnose my ruptured tendon.

We had a bit of a run in regarding being able to walk on a ruptured tendon apparently all of us who did are unique!!

However the Dr that treated me is now out in Indonesia practicing medicine on some poor souls there!

The head of A and E agreed that my treatment was “at best slap dash and for this we apologise”

I did get very upset when I had to explain how this had affected me personally, but other than that I was very good I didnt shout or rant or rave in fact I was very calm. As I believe people are when they are certain of their facts and know they are correct.

I impressed them with my email from Professor Nicola Maffuli a man who has researched the reliability of the Thompson Simmonds test who confirmed that this can not be done in a sitting position.

To conclude I have had my apology which I wanted and have been invited to speak to trainee and existing doctors at their seminars to inform them of what were warning signs for me that were totally ignored So I am able to ensure at least at my local hospital no one else will be left with a leg as deformed as mine. Thanks guys for all your support past and continued. I really would have gone nuts without this site.

Love and speedy recovery to you all.



  1. I’m dealing with the exact same issue. A emergency room doctor diagnosed my injury as a severely sprained ankle when in fact it was a rupture of the Achilles’ tendon .I was able to walk on it and even teach classes for 2 months before finally having surgery two weeks ago! Best wishes to you and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  2. Thank Heaven for small favors, eh? You haven’t updated us for a long time on how you’re dealing with your deformed leg. Are you contemplating going for another re-op to try to fix it up?

  3. I have decided against another op as there are no guarentees that it will improve and the swelling is there to stay, however, after me saying elbow crutches were better than under shoulder ones I am having to have surgery on a tear in a tendon in my shoulder from using elbow crutches (6 months in total) these have caused the damage in my shoulder the pain is unbearable, however there is a six month waiting list for this so I am hoping to get in on a cancellation.

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  4. I missed your last post, I sorry you had this experience, but glad that that your doctors finally “listen” and examined the evidence. If you don’t mind me asking, What is your treatment path now (for your leg? Good luck.

  5. Pity about the shoulder. Good luck and good healing with it!

    And I hope you can improve the lives of lots and lots of future ATR patients!

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