Scar is hard as a rock

Twelve weeks post op. I can in physio and around the house walk with two training shoes and one crutch. Sometimes i can walk without the crutch. Then the day after I am back to two crutches. At night and in the morning i have swelling around my ankle, however my worse problem is that all around my scar about an inch either side is like rock and I have no feeling either side but when anyone presses on the scar it stings, my ankle bone swells and has no feeling in it either. I really feel as if i am one step forward and two back. Wednesday  I stood in the shower for the first time and yesterday slipped in the shower and hurt my ankle.

For New Year we are off to london and I think I will be back in my boot for that, A friend has offered to massage my scar but I am petrified of her causing damage. I have shown this to my physio who has said she will start to do some massage on it.

Physio for the past 3 weeks has consisted of 10 mins on the bike, up and down four stairs and step over!!

Not feeling the best sorry, will try to do a more positive blog next time

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  1. I have some hardness around my incision and the hump/swelling on my tendon (at times) and my PT have me doing deep tissue massage on my incision and around the tendon 2-3 times a day with some Coca butter. I think it has helped alot of the last few weeks. Also, since going FWB I’m getting more “toughness” around the surgical site and more swelling. Anyway, I wish you luck and hope it begins to loosen up.

  2. Do they let you switch from one physio to another in Wales? You may have a dud. Surgery does some things really well, but it does some things — like getting multiple layers of tissue to grow together instead of sliding over each other — that we wish it wouldn’t. A number of increasingly aggressive (and uncomfortable or even painful) techniques usually administered by a PT are the usual solution to break apart the layers that are supposed to slide over each other (and used to, and still do on your other leg).

    I’m not surprised by the ankle swelling in the evening, but also in the morning? Most of us start(ed) the day with the swelling down, after the first few weeks post-whatever. Have you tried elevating your ankle/feet when you sleep? It usually works fine for back-sleepers and some stomach-sleepers. Side-sleepers sometimes Not So Much. A big foam wedge under the mattress could work/help.

  3. Massage could be the solution. But, as norm indicated, it may hurt when being applied. Don’t confuse the massage needed here with the nice relaxing type.

    My PT sessions have all started with massage around areas with swelling. Even if doesn’t feel so good at the time it has definitely helped.

  4. My PT recommended Castor Oil wraps which help break up scar tissue. I am taking Serapeptase which is also good for breaking up scar tissue. Good luck in your healing.

  5. Let you PT massage your scar. It will hurt at first, but, in my opinion, the results at worth it. At 4 weeks post op, my PT gave me a scar massage 3 times a week. It was not enjoyable, I made dramatic hand gestures to highlight my displeasure. After 2 weeks, the pain subsided and my scar has great movement and is nearly healed. In addition, I use Bio-Oil on my scar and do my own massage every night. I am now 7 weeks post op and have been released from the boot and plan to wean myself off of it completely over the next 10 days. Good luck!

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