Week 9 check up Still no boot!

So saw the surgeon today who was amazed to see me on my crutches and boot. My airboot still not in so as far as they are concerned I have been waiting 5 weeks for a boot! The one I have is my old one.The surgeon loved my adapted wedge, and has basically given the go ahead to do anything. he admitted today (as he was massaging both my feet)that he has never operated on such a wide gap before and does not know of anyone with such a wide gap that has been successful . He also explained that the muscle that was on my calf is now much lower down and is acting as a tendon ( I hope it is a good actor!)
however after “walking” today I have a massive ankle again!   any help re avoiding this swelling would be good and I know now that tomorrow I wont be able to walk as it will be too painful. the road to recovery seems much shorter now

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  1. I’ve been having to use RICE (without the compression) 3-5 times a day to keep all the swelling down, but if I do it regularly my foot doesn’t swell near as much. If I don’t do it the swelling becomes very bad by the evening.

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