UPDATE ON PROGRESS and of course some questions.

So i realise I have not updated for a while. the mental breakdown was worthwhile as I have come on since last Thursday i went to physio “walking” with my boot and crutches as my physio reminded me two weeks previously I was in a wheelchair.
since then I am now able to walk like a normal person (well one with a boot and crutches) but one foot in front of the other. i have walked barefoot with crutches in physio for about 10 steps and have done their stairs four of them up and down whoo hooo it felt good,, although I am still unable to do my stairs as they are so narrow, however i will have to work on that as I do not want to be sleeping under the Christmas Tree! As my bed is in the living room.
On Monday i wanted to show off my “walking” to everyone so over did it and had to spend yesterday with the limb up in the air again and stayed off it for the day as my scar was very very hard, my calf was sore BUT my ankle was so swollen and very very sore.
Is it normal for the ankle to hurt?
What goes first boot or crutches?
How long until I can drive a car?
How much longer?
I ask on here as I get answers that my surgeon doesnt give.
M physio who initially said I should stay away from the internet, asks me to ask questions on here.
her question is it safe to start work without the boot? (even though we have been doing)
However as far as the hospital are concerned I am still in my removable cast as I am STILL waiting for my air boot from them. I feel a rant at the hospital tomorrow,
It does feel good to be mobile, however I have to remember to take it slowly.
I wander if I will be back in work by the 3rd December, but I need to be able to do stairs and drive a manual car.

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  1. I’m not even PWB yet and it is hurting just doing some very light and simple isomeric exercises and active flexing of my ankle during PT and at the house. Also, since I’ve been working out my ankle for the first time in 5 weeks the last few days my swelling has gotten worse, but is easily managed by ice and elevation. I think some pain is normal, as long as it isn’t in your tendon and swelling is to be expected at this point.

  2. It’s normal to feel sore after doing too much. Try to do less. If yo feel good after what you did yesterday, try adding 5% or so, but not 50% or you’re at risk. A great guideline for you and your PT is the protocol used in the most successful study published yet — at bit.ly/UWOProtocol . Read it, understand it, ask questions about it, and follow it if you can.

    Orthopedic boots are sometimes called “walking boots”, so most patients become FWB and ditch the crutches several weeks before they start coming out of the boot. (In the UWO Protocol, FWB starts at about 4 weeks in, and “wean off boot” starts 4 weeks later, at 8 weeks into treatment.)

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