The wooden wedge in my boot
So today has been a poo day positivitey out of the window and self pity in through all the open doors and windows!!
Seven weeks I have not been able to get up stairs and get my own clothes! Husband has had to learn to be domesticated god something he has tried his best to be, however now I am slightly mobile on my old boot with wooden wedge and crutches I have seen the mess in our hme!! As during this 7 weeks he has been changing the central heating over OHHHHH my lord the dust!! I have a daughter who visits every day but “has her own house to dust , and her own ironing to do” So today as I prepared for my physio session hubby fetches me my clothes for the day. So he brings me jogging bottoms (being a tidy trousers or jodhpurs woman usually) These were bought for physio and ease with ATR. however today they were like a creased bag of rags, and I flipped sobbed hysterically and I mean hysterically, loud floods of tears, so once they started they would not stop, hubby didn’t know what to do with himself or me!!
Then he let rip, have I mentioned he is actually disabled too? He had an injury to his knee and back 7 years ago and is in constant pain, so he struggles to go up the stairs for himself never mind as I need him to get me my things!!!
He then tells me to “get off my arse and iron them” So off my arse I got got dressed in the creased clothes, got his car keys as he has an automatic, hobbled to the car and ran away!!!
I didn’t get far as it is not easy to drive when in floods of tears. Friends drove past saw me and asked what was wrong I told them I have creased trousers.
They both (males) laughed and pointed out that as well as creased trousers I also had a stupid boot and that they will always love me even with creased trousers!!
They also pointed out that NEVER before have hubby and I spent so long together as I was home for the summer holidays before I had my op and that even though I was frustrated so is hubby as I am not usually part of his daily routine, neither is physio.(well for me) as he has developed tendonitis in his wrist so is now attending too.
So home I came to find he had packed my bags as I had asked him too!!!!
Anyway for the first time in our long marriage I apologised! and we decided to go for a lovely drive (him driving) to see Snowdonia (which is very close to where we live)
Waterfall at Snowdon
So all in all an eventful day,

6 Responses to “CREASED CLOTHES”

  1. So sorry. Hope you’re feeling better. I’m only at 8 days but I can easily see a day like this in my future!

  2. I sympathize with you breakdown. I flipper out on my husband about a week ago. We were expecting snow and all my winter stuff is in the cellar. He went down got his winter work pants and left everything else downstairs. I did the whole crying hysterically routine. We yelled back and forth before he took a shower. When he came out he went and got the box downstairs and we apologized. It get very frustrating to not be able to do what you are used to doing. My 3 year old is concerned about the Christmas tree because Daddy can’t put up the tree (fake) only Mommy can. You are not alone and I hope tomorrow will be better.

  3. I’m sorry you had a day like that. I think we all have a day like that every once in awhile. I’ve been in the situation wear I’m dealing with my NWB status and taking care of 2 eight year olds (1/2 the time). !00% of the time I have to coordinated ride just to get them to (school, scouts, soccer, church, PTA, etc…).

    My girlfriend, family, and friends made everything possible. I let myself no (one day at a time). And when it gets to be too much (which it has) I tell myself. Just be patient, I laugh, forget about and do what I can for the day. Usually sleep being a better day. So I hope tomorrow will be that for you. I know it will for me. :)

  4. Thanks guys,
    today has been a much better day, and the way i am moving around on my boot and crutches shows that maybe i did need the kick up the proverbial to get me going I have physio in the morning and will update with how she feels, (usually not positive) about my progress

  5. Love this post! Thank you for suggesting I read it. And thank you for sharing. So very true sometimes it’s the little things that set me off. Glad to see other people have trip out moments too :)

    You take care, and best of luck for a speedie recovery.

  6. Hang in there. You’ll get through this.

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