so here i am still waiting for my air boot!!!! So have dug out old walking boot that I had pre op friends have made me a wedge to fit it and i can WALK!!!(as walking goes sort of pwb and crutches)  however i now and again get a huge shooting pain through my heel. Any suggestions PLEASE?

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  1. I am also having heel pain @16 weeks post op. How did you create this topic? I hope someone here can help you. =)

  2. I just did it from my page and someone usually gives me an answer here more so than my surgeon will x My pain is just a shooting pain if I put weight on my heel. My physio says it is because my plantar is tight!

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  3. Many of us had heel pain when the cast was removed. I didn’t have to wear wedges as I didn’t have a full rupture so I followed Norms advice and got a pair of crocs, I think I was lacking a bit of padding under my foot and it resolved pretty quickly. Plantar fasciitis is a different thing but it can be managed. Many of us on this site have had both (I had PF in one foot and achilles surgery on the other). The 2 felt quite different, I was prepared for the senstiivity post cast thanks to Norm. The PF was always painful when weight was taken off the foot and it was in one specific spot which was on the medial aspect of my heel. Hoping its just a bit of sensitivity post cast. x

  4. Hi, I had the same thing for the first 2-3 weeks that my cast was off, I think it is just the nerve endings in the bottom of your foot have gone to sleep and when you put a bit of pressure on them they wake up suddenly and it HURTS. I found that in the morning / before getting up / before moving, it would help if I massaged the toe and the heel gently at first then do little pinching movements. It gets the nerves going again. The same principle works if you use hot / cold water on your foot (not too hot though if you are prone to swelling). The Physio advised me to use different materials against my foot - silk, scrubbing stone, cushion etc - sounds a bit kinky but makes a lot of sense as your foot is having to relearn lots of different sensations. You could also try very gently to use a pumice stone; I found I had a lot of dead skin to get rid of in the first few weeks post-cast, don’t use the stone on your scar of course but the heel should be safe. Good luck with it.

  5. alysbach, we’re all assuming that your “huge shooting pain through my heel” is starting from the bottom of your heel. If it’s coming from the BACK of your heel, it’s likely related more to your ATR, and less to your immobilization (and it’s likely more serious, more reason to take it easy soon).

  6. Thanks Norm
    the pain is from under my heel and after a few false starts i am up and walking in my boot with my crutches
    am about to update

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