Off we went to see friends Saturday evening sat in a friends house for a few hours, came home and this was my leg

5 Responses to “ELEPHANT LEG!!!!”

  1. I was hoping my foot would stop swelling if I don’t keep it elevated. I guess I need to be careful for a while longer. Looks painful hope it went down quickly.

  2. Whoa. Hope it has gotten better with elevation, rest, and some ice. My foot has been swelling in the evening (although not to that extent). I’m learning to take better care of my injury than I did pre-surgery. Again, hope the swelling goes down.

  3. it went down after an hour in the air, however it did the same last night. i thought by now i would be able to put it down, pt says it will get better once i am walking as my ankle is still very swollen x

  4. Mine used to swell quite a bit. I bought a leg rest for bed which was brilliant and was more effective than pillows as it kept my leg at a decent height. also wore compression socks or flight socks which really help.

  5. Check out achillesblog.com/normofthenorth/2010/04/30/swelling-elevating-is-getting-old/ . After 20 weeks non-op, I’d already spent a great ski week in Whistler, and was bicycling and having fun in lots of ways. But I was still suffering from swelling, esp. at day’s end, if I didn’t take a LOT of time to elevate during the day. Different strokes and folks. . . but lots of us found the swelling lingered way too long.

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