Week 9 check up Still no boot!

So saw the surgeon today who was amazed to see me on my crutches and boot. My airboot still not in so as far as they are concerned I have been waiting 5 weeks for a boot! The one I have is my old one.The surgeon loved my adapted wedge, and has basically given the [...]

UPDATE ON PROGRESS and of course some questions.

So i realise I have not updated for a while. the mental breakdown was worthwhile as I have come on since last Thursday i went to physio “walking” with my boot and crutches as my physio reminded me two weeks previously I was in a wheelchair.
since then I am now able to walk like a [...]


As I continue progressing with my “walking” i have sat and thought what i could not have lived without, so for anyone starting their journey i would recommend a limbo so you can shower, and more than that the item i have used and continue to use daily is my shower stool I paid £13.50 [...]


I think I have added tthe links to the videos now
one is 5 weeks post op after first physio session.
The second is 7 weeks post op after three physio sessions and lots of exercse at home both NWB


So today has been a poo day positivitey out of the window and self pity in through all the open doors and windows!!
Seven weeks I have not been able to get up stairs and get my own clothes! Husband has had to learn to be domesticated god something he has tried his best to [...]


so here i am still waiting for my air boot!!!! So have dug out old walking boot that I had pre op friends have made me a wedge to fit it and i can WALK!!!(as walking goes sort of pwb and crutches)  however i now and again get a huge shooting pain through my heel. [...]


Off we went to see friends Saturday evening sat in a friends house for a few hours, came home and this was my leg

six weeks post op visit to lovely surgeon

Well  off I hopped to see the surgeon yesterday for my six week post op visit and to get my walking boot that wasnt available two weeks ago! Well there it was waiting for me but before having it fitted I asked about my repair to the muscle not tendon to tendon as the physio [...]