no cast and should I sleep in a boot?

As I have a removable cast I am spending most of my time out of it, however my calf is rock hard and warm, i am doing my exercises but end up in agony at night. As i twitch at night I am petrified of re rupture due to me twitching at night, I am having my boot on Thursday not an air one just a normal boot with wedges,my surgeon has said I can remove it at night, what do people think?

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  1. Up to you really. I actually used to bandage around my foot and heel to stop me twitching without my boot on. Nothing too tight, just something to remind me if I tried to dorsi flex at night there was a bandage there. Are you the type to sleep deeply and forget about the injury? If you are I’d wear the boot for a while, if not maybe do what I did. I bandaged around my ankle and then down to under my foot. Totally did the trick for me but never did it too tightly. If in any doubt wear the boot for a while. Most people wear it until week 4 or so…

  2. I will probably sleep in my boot for awhile when that times comes and I will also wrap it, like Sheena says after I finish up sleeping with the boot on, but I toss and turn a lot in my sleep, so I’m extra concerned.

  3. Let me know how it goes. I am in the boot but have not slept without it yet. I still sleep with it raised. I have a cat and I worry about her getting on it. I am going to ask my doctor about it tomorrow.

  4. I think it’s about 95% psychological. Never heard of anybody getting hurt bootless by tossing and turning, or by a spouse, or a cat.

    Twitches probably aren’t too scary, either, though big muscle spasms of the calf muscle can be. If there’s a serious threat of the latter, Docs will sometimes (often?) prescribe anti-spasmodic drugs to protect the AT. Wrapping wouldn’t protect from a spasm, just from that darned cat. (How big and heavy IS that cat, anyway??)

  5. I got the VacoCast and found sleeping with just the liner works well. There’s some support (keeps my foot in position) but not the hard shell bulkiness.

    I ask my Doc about calf spasms and he brushed it off. Said my calf muscle wasn’t strong enough to do any damage. Hopefully he’s right.

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