I have not taken anything but the odd paracetemol since my op should I be worried that i havent had much pain?

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  1. Don’t worry. We all feel pain differently.
    I have a high pain threshold, and my rupture didn’t hurt at all. I was kind of sore until surgery but I didn’t even need an aspirin.
    I took post-op pain meds for three days and then threw them away.
    The worst of my pain would be an occasional cramp in my calf during the night while I was in a hard cast, but that was tolerable.
    Some people are in agony, so I consider myself lucky.

  2. We’re all different, and I think the amount of pain we experience from the ATR and the various rehab steps is probably the area where we’re MOST different. I, too, was among the lucky ones who experienced very little pain. Though I did moan and groan for a few days after surgery to fix my first ATR, as I recall.

  3. Hi there,
    took pain killers only at night for three days post op. No worries for you I think.

  4. Thanks all i guess I do have a high pain threshold as I walked on my ATR for 9 weeks, before I had surgery, although if I ever manage to get back on my foot the thought of putting weight on it scares me rigid!!!

  5. Alysbach- my only concern goes back to my earlier question: have you been on bed rest for 4 weeks post op?

    A good recovery will require lots of hard work. And it will - at times - be painful. One of the hardest things to figure out with this injury is just how hard to “push” it… there’s a fine line between hurting it… and HURTING it. You want to nudge up against the boundaries of your capabilities; in order to continually improve them; but pushing too hard can have disasterous consequences. Avoiding all pain is not a good strategy though.

    I very rarely pushed myself to the point that I used pain medication; and the in the rare instances that I did- it was just ibuprofen to help with temporary inflammation.

    At 4 weeks post op, different protocols can have you at very different points in the recovery. A modern, rapid protocol might have you full weight bearing in a boot by now. Have you discussed your protocol with your doctor? Do you have a schedule of planned recovery steps that you’re working through? Do you know when you’ll start weight bearing, physical therapy, etc.?

  6. Consider yourself lucky. My first 3 days the pain kept me awake, unless I took meds. And I still have needed them occasionally based on my daily routine and how active I am for the day. Anyway, Happy Healing.

  7. Any suggestions on making bathroom Use a little easier

  8. Patti, there’s a page here — look around the Main Page — with suggestions for things that can help at home, including in the bathroom. A waterproof seat in the shower is one, and I loved having a padded stool — for kneeling — in front of the sink. And another one (or a wheeled chair for sitting, kneeling, and scooting) in the kitchen. Standing on one foot is fun for a few seconds, gets old fast!

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