Yeah had a bath!!

Managed to get in the bath today, it was heaven to soak the useless limb in the lovely hot water, had a bit of a panic getting out as still NWB! but managed it.
Quick question what is ROM>?

no cast and should I sleep in a boot?

As I have a removable cast I am spending most of my time out of it, however my calf is rock hard and warm, i am doing my exercises but end up in agony at night. As i twitch at night I am petrified of re rupture due to me twitching at night, I [...]

First Physio session

today i had my first physio session and feel very positive after it. Yesterday I booked to spend New Year in London then realised oh sh*t will I be able to walk,physio says yes but with crutches!! however physio has me putting my foot on the floor and pushing on my knee to get [...]

4 week return to see surgeon

So today I went back to see the surgeon and he is pleased with the progress, everyone thinks I have a lovely scar would be better if I didn’t have one at all.
However surgeon suggested walking boot with HUGE wedge, but alas good old NHS didn’t have one to fit had too small and too [...]


What are the stats for re rupture after surgery? As many posts on here are for re rupture this has to be my worst nightmare, number 1 to go through all this for mine in particular not to work and number 2 for it to re rupture and if they do how soon after surgery?


I have not taken anything but the odd paracetemol since my op should I be worried that i havent had much pain?

So This is it

So there I was walking around for 8 weeks knowing something was wrong, but being told by medical professionals to get on with, then I saw a great nurse in minor injuries who 8 weeks down the line said I had a partially ruptured achilies tendon, result something was wrong I was right!! So off to [...]

How it all started!