Week 7 - Progress towards plantigrade

(Week 7 = 28 Dec to 3 Jan 2013)

At the start of the week adjusted Vaco boot from 10-30 hinged to 5-30 degree PF range. Tried this for a day and found it uncomfortable, so decided to set the boot to 5 degree fixed to allow the tendon to get used to being at 5. [...]

Week 4 - NHS 2nd Visit

Returned for 2nd visit to NHS hospital Fracture Clinic. Some initial delay as docs are not in the Clinic and are dealing with trauma cases. In the Consultation room I am seen by a Specialist Orthopaedic Registrar working for a different senior Consultant from the one I saw on my first visit to the [...]

Week 4 - Active ROM begins

(Week 4 = 7 Dec to 13 Dec 2012)
The Vacoped moves from 30 to 25 degrees plantar flexion.
No pain now for a couple of days. However, the big toe is numb and I get a tingling, “pins and needles” type sensation across the top of my foot along the line of the big toe. [...]

Week 3 - accelerated functional rehabilitation

(Week 3 = 30 Nov to 6 Dec 2012)
The boot remains at 30 degree fixed plantar flexion.
A significant reduction in pain during this week. Have reduced pain relief now to occassional night time use. Had an odd sensation in my bad leg when getting in and out of bath at the beginning of week 3. [...]

Week 2 - the pain & rest continues

(Week 2 = 23 to 29 November 2012)
This week I have been using both crutches, NWB, VACOped set to 30 fixed plantar flexion using the rocker sole.
The pain continues in the tendon and calf area plus also now in the toes. I don’t think this is unusual for an achilles tendon rupture at this [...]