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I am not an expert but feel free to request any other tips, maybe someone out there can help if I can’t.

Tip 1 Adding a photograph to your post

1) Goto using
2) Goto Dashboard, on left hand side click Media option
4) then click Add New and click Select Files
6) a browser will open allowing you to find your file. Select the file and click on open.
7) The photo will load into your Media area. Add names & descriptions as desired.
‘8) Click Save all changes
9) You will now see the photo in as a thumbnail, hover the mouse below it and click the View option
10) This will give you a view of the photo as it will appear in your post, click on the photo itself
11) You will now see the photo on its own. Copy the url at the top of page or write it down. The url will look something like this example :
12) Now go back to Dashboard and select Edit post. Go to where you want to insert the photo click on the img button and paste or write in the url from step 11.

You should have a photo now in your post !!

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  1. Bambam, click on

    It should have the info you need to post photos.

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