Week 19 - Video Updates

1) Video update on the dodgy walk :

2) Video update on my dodgy heel lifts :

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  1. Nice videos.

    You’ve got to walk before you can run; and I think you’ve got to “hop” before you can do the smooth heel lift. These days, I focus hard on making sure I don’t hop when doing them- it can be a tough habit/cheat to unlearn. The other thing I found myself doing - to help cheat them up - was rolling my knee and center of gravity forward, rolling rather than lifting.

    The next progression for you might be isometrics. Use both legs to lift yourself up, but then shift onto the good leg and try to statically hold your position at various heights off the ground - just with your injured leg. Those and controlled 2-up/1-down exercises will help build the strength.

    Great progress!

  2. Hi Alton
    Ha ha just Ben saying I keep looking for new vids , I’m telaphetic, no not spell check error, you doing great mate, I still haven’t got your 9 week walk after 12weeks, it’s this blinking circulation problem preventing me from working on stretch n strength,
    Thanks again

  3. Your “good” ankle seems to be pronating a little in the walking video. Might help to use a footbed with some (more) arch support.

    When I watched your heel-lift video, I was thinking “Shoot, I don’t have much more than that after 2.5 years, and I’m doing fine”! Then I tried a few, and I actually do have more: Almost half-height, any speed, multiples OK. I didn’t remember having that much strength.

    Funniest thing was that when I stood up and started to try the heel raise, I got my two legs confused and started with the wrong leg!! Maybe that’s another “milestone”!?! Or maybe just a mature moment. . . Or probably just a reflection of the fact that my right (”good-side”) knee is holding me back way more than either ankle. 9 days ’til I see the sports-med “guru” about the knee. . .

  4. ryanb you are spot on. Getting the heel off the ground even using a hop action feels like progress. Also I have been doing the roll forward centre of gravity cheat. As strength improves I am cutting back on the cheat, but it does require real focus to resist.

    RRR, cheers. 8) Given your powers, any tips on tomorrows Euro Lottery numbers ?

    norm, you and my physio are in agreement on the pronation support. I just need to get used to those darn support insoles. I am continuing to push the heel lifts as I need the strength in the toes for next stages of sport rehab. I’ll be over the moon when I get to controlled half height multiple lifts with no cheats.

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  5. Agree with the above, my first thought was about the over pronation. I have the same problem, the inserts do help. getting the bio mechanics right is fundamental. Fab progress, it will come and love the video.

  6. I think your bad leg heel raise looks great. You haven’t used it in 19 weeks so it’s weak. I am at that point and I think you walk better then me. I still use a brace on bad foot so I don’t over do it. All this stuff will come in time. For me the times that I wasn’t positive or thought this would ever heal were the worst. Now I realize that my attitude and knowledge of why it takes so long to heal make me feel good. Blood just doesn’t get to the tendon as fast.
    If you are a hockey fan how about that Ottawa Senator Defensemen that came back in 2.5 months–too early. His play is suffering and I think he came back to fast. You know hockey players.
    Keep doing a great job..I am impressed…Buddy Delp

  7. Shucks Alton
    I missed giving you the lottery numbers , just seen this posting, next time mate :0)

  8. ali39, buddelp1, RRR, thanks for the comments. My heel raises have continued to improve, becoming less “hoppy”.

    I’ll post up an end of month 5 (week 22) video update later this week.

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