Month 6 - Video Update

Video update on my walk at the end of month 6 :

and heel raises :

Week 22 - Video Update

Video update on my walk and heel raises at the end of month 5 :

Week 20-22 - Gym, Badminton & Gardening

Badminton shuttleI have to start with a confession, I forgot to mention that I was back on the badminton court (where I did my ATR) in week 14 and 15. These were 60 min badminton sessions where I did some warm ups, coaching and feeding shuttles to my daughter. I limited any movement to slow & small steps, leaving any shots hit further away from me. This is nothing like playing a proper game, but it felt great to just hit some shuttles again.

Week 20

Gym workouts continue, but frequency has reduced due to family and work commitments, plus as spring finally arrives the garden needs attention. I have also been doing heel raises most days using a Reebok step. This week’s activities were as follows :

Day 1 : no gym, but 90mins on a badminton court. Knock up, coaching and feeding shuttles to my daughter. I limited movement to one step back, forward or sideways. Did my best to leave any shots hit further than a step away.

Day 2 & 3: no gym

Day 4 : 20 mins warm up in the gym, then 60mins on the badminton court (same approach as Day 1 above).

Day 5: no gym

Day 6: gym workout

Start joggingDay 7: gym workout - got clearance from physio today to move from fast walk to an actual jog. So went to the gym in the evening and did my first jog which was 2 min jog, 2min slow walk, then 4 min jog. The jog went well. Interestingly it was my good leg (left) calf that felt more tired with a little muscle “burn” below the knee. It didn’t persist so hopefully nothing to worry about. Reduced the reps on the rest of my workout as a precaution whilst the jogging settles in.

Week 21

Day 1 : gym workout with jogging as previous day above  

Day 2 : no gym, but a couple of hours of gardening and clearance including heavy shifting with a wheelbarrow.

Day 3 : no gym, but a couple of hours of gardening and clearance including heavy shifting with a wheelbarrow.

Day 4 & 5: no gym

Day 6 : gym workout with jogging. Slightly increased time to 3+2+5mins.

Day 7: no gym, but 60mins on a badminton court. Small increase in movement around the court.

Week 22

Managed 2 sessions in the gym, lots of walking on a family day out, more gardening and a clear out of the garage.


That takes me to the end of month 5 ! Hooray !

(I’ll post a month 5 video update shortly)




Week 19 - Video Updates

1) Video update on the dodgy walk :

2) Video update on my dodgy heel lifts :

Week 18 & 19 - Gym continues, but less intense

gym gym gym I passed the 4 month mark at the beginning of Week 18. The gym workouts continue but I have now moved to a more sustainable 3 days on 1 day off. Have modified the workouts slightly as outlined below. The 2 legged calf raises continue at home wherever I can fit them in. Physiotherapy sessions continue about every 2 weeks. Had no injuries and any soreness does not last beyond 24 hours.

Still using my Nike Air Pegasus running shoes, which have proven to be great for me. In Week 18 the 5mm heel lifts inserted in my shoes came out following clearance from the sports physio. Also for the first time I can lift my ATR heel off the ground. Its only a tiny amount, so in no way a single leg calf raise but it is progress.

The gym workout for Week 18 & 19 was as follows :

- rowing machine 1 x 5 min
- treadmill (fast walking with inclines only) 2 x 10 mins
- wobble board 1 x 5 mins
- resistance settings & inclines increased steadily as tolerated.
- leg extension machine - 2-legged & single legs 3 x 10 reps
- leg press - 2-legged & single legs 3 x 10 reps
- heal lifts on leg press - single legs 3 x 10 reps
- leg curls 2-legged 2 x 10 reps
- seated long row (i.e. weighted) - 3 x 10 reps
- continue to increase weights as reps become easier at each level
- use hand massager daily and home ultrasound 2-3 times a week

I was also allowed to add jogging on mini trampoline (trampette) during this period, but I didn’t have access to one so left this out.