has there been any cases where someone heals faster

Hey my name is Angel… I ruptured my Achilles tendon playing tennis on Dec. 10…. I did not have a great deal of pain… but thought I should let the ER just check it out… because I thought it was weird on what the feeling was…when they told me what it was I was shocked because I have always heard those were really painful.. and I was not feeling that much pain.. The ER sent me to an orthopedic the next day, which confirmed the ER theory… they put me in a boot and scheduled surgery on Dec. 18…. I still have not been in that much pain…. By the 24th I really felt like I could start walking on that leg, but I knew I better not. Still not much pain… just the pain of not being able to help around the house and get ready for Christmas( I have 2 small boys) … I go on the 30th to get the full cast, right now I have a hard one on the back and soft on the front, just to allow for swelling… I have read everybody talking about how long the “Down time” will be..… Could I possibly be a little different, because I do not feel any pain??? Has there been any cases were someone was back to walking in 4 weeks??? And once I get the hard cast on, can I walk with a cane, or is it still not weight??? Please give me any advice you can offer…. I am trying not to wine… because I know it could be a lot worse…. But being trapped in a bed/couch right now is a living nightmare for me… please help?!?

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