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Well I seen my surgeon yesterday, it’s the end of my 10th week, she was very happy with my recovery and therapy progress report, she has ok’d me to begin FWB exercise and wants to see me in 2 shoes by Jan. 27th. I am using my walker, i’m a little unsteady on crutches right now, but applying some pressure on the right foot, i’m a little scared, but, if your surgeon says you good to go, then by golly I am going for it, of course with the help of my therapist!!

Can I get some advice on things to do to when not with my therapist? I am alone all day until my husband gets home at night so I need to be careful. I am very excited for this next stage.  Due to my job description, 80% standing or walking,  my OS did not release me to work, she will reassess in 8 weeks and then let me know, that will be 5 months since surgery!! Anyone else been out of work for that period of time or more?? I only wished “outsiders” knew the depth of this surgery and the recovery time! They act like “you’ve had surgery, shouldn’t you be ready to work”….

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving full of love and laughter!!


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  1. I will still clear of offering any advice, as I’m only 5 weeks from surgery. But I will say CONGRATULATIONS on the news about moving toward FWB and 2 shoes. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!


  2. Hi Alice,

    There are plenty of things that you could and probably should have been doing over the past 10 weeks. At 10 weeks, I am walking in 2 shoes.

    With that said, here is a link to my protocol and some links to exercises that you can do now:

    I hope that Norm and others chime in as well. and that the above link helps a bit. A more aggressive protocol is the one that norms links: bit.ly/UWOProtocol (this will have you in 2 shoes by weeks 8-12 (max).

    Good luck and I wish you the best.
    Patiently Moving Forward

  3. Glad you’re seeing some progress!

    I did my PWB on crutches, and the closest I got to using a walker was leaning on a supermarket shopping cart, which I HATED! I found it exhausting, and couldn’t wait to get back to the crutches. It helps to pad them, and they do have to be adjusted right, and used right. A good therapist should be able to help with that, too.

    Good luck and good healing and strengthening.

  4. Hi Alice Woo Hoo indeed. FWB is a scary step but it’s such a good feeling when it happens. Slowly slowly would be my advice, I have been aggressive with my recovery as I have to get back to work, also an 80% on my feet job but have scheduled my day so that I will sit down with my leg up for 10 minutes after every second consult and will take breaks during long surgeries. Certainly ATR is not a case of you’ve had the surgery now you’re fixed.
    Wishing you gentle healing as you continue to recover.

  5. Hi Jen, Thanks for the encouragement it is truly appreciated, this has by far been the hardest thing I have ever had to endure!! but with God, ALL things are possible!! My faith has been my strength for sure. When did you have your surgery?
    Best of luck to you as well! When are you returning to work?


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  6. Hi Kim- I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, my husband did all the cooking, was so hard to just watch, but on the other hand he is an awesome cook so It was truly enjoyed! Take it easy and don’t over do it, nose above the toes really is the best thing for you right now. Take care of yourself or I should say, “let others take good care of you” !!!!


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