Slowly but surely

November 20, 2013- I’m soon to be at 11 weeks this Friday, It feels like 20 weeks, (can I get a witness, lol). ┬áTherapy is slow go, but seeing great improvements in my ROM, very scary when therapist is stretching, learning to trust is another form of progression. Still not walking, PWB is giving me encouragement. Cannot wait to celebrate “Walkin Day”. Anyone have any advice to help that day be sooner than later??

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  1. Hi Alice,

    ROM Work is important to get your PF to 0. However, I was PWB at 4.5 weeks, FWB at 5.5 and in 2 shoes by week 9.5. I am 10.5 post op now,and driving as well.

    Not sure why your DOC\PT has you going so slow, but Here is a link to my protocol and plenty of links for ROM work:

    I am no expert, so talk to you DOC\PT first. I am also sure others will chime in with even better tips. :-)

    Good luck and keep us posted
    Patiently Moving Forward

  2. Keep practicing PWB on 2 crutches, making your stride as normal as possible. Add only as much weight to THAT foot as feels OK, but keep it moving normally. With any luck at all, that weight’ll be 100% before long.

  3. Thanks so much normofthenorht, I’m working on my exercises everyday and feeling a little more relaxed about the PWB each day as well, I had 2 bone spurs removed from the heel as well, it it terribly sore, I cannot put any pressure on that heel at all right now, I’m sure it will be better in time. I see my surgeon on Monday, hopefully start the FWB exercises with my therapist as well. Thank you for the words of advice and words of encouragement, I have felt so alienated from the rest of the world being stuck at home all this time, this blog really helps and uplifts!!

  4. Hi Ron,

    It blows my mind at how some on here are way ahead of me. I guess the best thing for me to do is not compare myself with other??!!!. I don’t know why therapy is so slow, just that when my surgeon was preparing me for surgery, she told me she is a conservative surgeon and prefers it that way. Thanks for the link, it will be great help!! I am seeing my surgeon on Monday, maybe she will have me moving forward a little more aggressively. I have been out of work since Sept 5th, I only wished my leaders completely understood what I have been through and how slow the recovery process for this type of injury can be, I stand or walk for about 80 % of my day, so returning to work before I am really walking is not an option, and that in its self is stressful!! I wonder how others have dealt with the returning to work issues?? Thanks for the reply! I will keep you posted!!


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  5. Great! I just heard a newedical expression: “tincture of time”! Just apply some more of that!

  6. Hey Ron,
    Thanks for the info! I appreciate it. I seen my surgeon yesterday, heading to FWB therapy now, she wants to see me in 2 months and should be in 2 shoes by then!!! I got some work to do!!

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