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Does anyone have any knowledge/advice related to Vitamin C intake? How about any other supplements? I have increased my protein….any other ideas? Alice

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Back to Work

I am always the first to arrive at work.  The first challenge was to unlock the door and turn off the alarm while balancing on two crutches with a backpack.  Success!  Getting changed into scrubs with a cam boot was another new experience.  Success!  I was exhausted by the time I hobbled to my desk to attack the mound of paperwork.  After the initial panic, I recited my mantra…make a list, make priorities, and make a decision to do one thing at a time.  So that is what I did all day….one thing at a time.  It is much like dealing with my achilles….one step at a time.

Working with a healing achilles is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done.  It is going to challenge me physically, mentally, and emotionally.  One of my strengths is to problem solve…. all my life I have trained for this one!  Let’s hope I am up for this challenge and thanks to all of you “coaches” who have been there.  Your words help so much.

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One Week, One Day Post op

Crazy….It really seems like this experience is a terrible nightmare and I will wake up walking.  Every evening I leave my walker in front of the futton, so I will remember that I am injured in the morning.   Somehow I think I need to change my mindset from “injured” to “healing”.   About all I can control at the moment is how I process my thoughts.

On the positive side, I am learning how to use my crutches to PWB.  Additionally, my backpack has allowed me a degree of independence.  I carry my own ice, my food, my books, the phones, etc.  Yesterday, my family provided me with a “trial run” to see if I could manage on my own.  I passed, so today I am independent for 8 plus hours.  Tomorrow, I am going to work for a few hours to catch up on paperwork…..all positives.

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Surgery Day May 24

Most of my adult life has been spent in an OR….just not as a patient.  So I knew my Surgeon, my nurses, my anesthesia providers… and I had participated in many achilles repairs over the years. The issue was it was my achilles this time.

First Decision…Open vs. Percutaneous vs. Immobilization…..The one thing I have learned is pick your surgeon and have a conversation.  I decided on an open repair based on my lifestyle and goals. Goal…get back to work asap… Goal ….get back to my activity level…5 days at the gym and weekends mtn biking….Goal….no more dancing with 20 year olds. 

Second Decision….Spinal with Block vs. General….I vomit…lots… it made sense that a spinal would provide me what I needed.  After hearing the pros and cons….I decided on General Anethesia and requested a scope patch.  My CRNA also loaded me up on everything known to mankind to prevent me from retching.  It worked.  Also, I had a late evening OR slot.  I wanted to go home that night and a spinal would have landed me in a OBS bed.

Fortunately, I had a day to prep my home for my return prior to surgery.  I removed the throw rugs and the clutter.  I borrowed a walker, crutches and a shower chair.  (I never would have thought of the shower chair without this website) My husband reworked our shower so I could have a bath less the op leg.  I also made sure I had plenty of ice. That has been my best friend….ICE!

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And I danced……

And I danced at my daughter’s wedding, then I heard the gunshot over the music.  Falling forward into my husband’s arms, I knew my achilles was gone.  Fortunately, I did not hurt.  Knowing what happens in the ER, I refused to leave a good party for an evening of waiting to do what I could do at home….ice, elevation, motrin and immobilize.

The next day I had complete range of motion, little edema, complete sensation, and little pain.  What I was missing was the important stuff….inability to bear weight on my toes.   So I spent the day icing the elevated foot and chewing Motrin. Also, I remembered that I was treated with Levaquin in December and I had partially torn my soleus years ago….not good signs. 

I arrived first thing Monday morning at the Sports Clinic for evaluation and that is when this OR nurse lost control………………

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